Would you like to be one of the first people in the UK to receive a genetic analysis to determine which medication is best suited to YOU for your depression?


We have agreed to use a new AI/gene testing service called Predictix which will enable our doctors to determine which antidepressant medication is going to be most effective for our patients.

At any one time, perhaps 20% of us are struggling with depression. Antidepressants can’t solve everything, but they often help, especially in the early stages of treatment when trying to get on top of the problem. Unfortunately, identifying the right medication is a matter of trial and error and can take time. Many people have to try two or three different antidepressants before they find one that works. This can often take months, and may leave patients feeling worse before they feel better.

As a result, far too many people give up before finding the best medication for them. This new Predictix service will result in far faster initial treatment of depression and therefore much more effective. We believe that it will therefore reduce the overall suffering that our patients experience, as well as reducing the overall cost of treatment that the delays that multiple trials of different drugs can cause.

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A simple non invasive DNA sample and a friendly, online interview process are all it takes for the Predictix AI software to analyse your personal data. This would normally cost £400 However, as with all new initiatives, we would like to undertake a short trial first – so we are going to give away five Predictix tests without charge – all you will pay for is the normal fees for seeing a consultant psychiatrist.

If you think are depressed and want a formal diagnosis and treatment, please don’t hesitate, apply now.