NMC Number: 06I734E

Qualifications: Dip HE Nursing Mental health, V300 Independent and Supplementary Prescribing.

I am a registered Mental Health Nurse and Non-Medical Prescriber specialising in Adult ADHD.

Over the past 20 years I have had the privilege of working alongside clients in a variety of NHS mental healthcare settings, and more recently finding my passion within the specialist area of Adult ADHD. Whilst working collaboratively with clients I have gained extensive insight into the challenges people face and the importance of understanding how these difficulties impact on people’s lives. Within my NHS role I currently offer diagnostic assessments, titration of medication and education and support to ensure an optimal outcome to treatment.

I am currently receiving referrals from Psychiatry UK within the titration team, prescribing evidence-based treatments, titrating and stabilising of medications to gain an optimal response from interventions enabling people to live fuller more productive lives.