NMC Number: 94I4155E

Qualifications: MA in Public Health, BsC in Nursing Studies (Mental Health) with 2nd Class Honours (1st Division).

Andrew has worked in mental health care for 28 years. Qualifying as a mental health nurse in 1998 in London, moving to Manchester in 2000 and returning to his native North East England in 2002 working in a range of community mental health services, both in the NHS and independent sector. Andrew has contributed to improvements in physical health care of people with mental health problems advocating for key improvements to this aspect of mental health care.

In 2005 Andrew completed MA Public Health at Sheffield Hallam University which broadened his practice and understanding of the wider determinants of health and how these impact on mental wellbeing. Andrew is a health promotion specialist and uses these skills to maximise his interventions and how the services he works in deliver these services improve people’s health. He has a keen interest in developing services that are responsive and effective. Andrew has a track record for contributing to the development and evaluation of innovative service provision.

Andrew began working with ADHD in 2013. He contributed to the development of adult ADHD service provision in the North East of England and embedded nonmedical prescribing in the service. Andrew has also worked clinically in children and young people’s services and has a good understanding of how ADHD impacts upon the formative years of life. Andrew has taught doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, teachers and families about ADHD, its treatment with medicines, strategies for supporting people with ADHD and making their care personally meaningful. Andrew has a broard understanding of mental health problems and neurodevelopmental difference. He currently works in the NHS developing nonmedical prescribing across all community mental health services alongside private clinical work.

Andrew is an experienced nonmedical prescriber with extensive experience of treating a wide range of mental health problems having qualified to prescribe in 2006. He enjoys working collaboratively with people to find solutions to the difficulties they face, be that pharmacological or otherwise. He has a compassionate and knowledgeable approach which people find reassuring.