GMC 6137803

Dr Mahmoud Zadeh is a Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist and currently working in the NHS and private practice. He is an award-winning Psychiatrist and has received the Clinical Excellence Award from the NHS in recognition of providing high-quality care for his patients and his contribution to improving mental health services. Dr Mahmoud Zadeh has extensive experience in assessment and management of various mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, Bipolar Affective Disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Adult ADHD and personality disorders.

Dr Mahmoud Zadeh has completed his medical training with distinction in 2001 and worked as a General practitioner for a few years. Then he started his training in psychiatry in UK and has worked in various psychiatric settings across the UK. Dr Mahmoud Zadeh has completed his postgraduate training in general adult psychiatry and subspecialty of liaison psychiatry in London. He is an approved clinician and he is also approved under section 12(2) of the Mental Health Act 1983 as he is an experienced psychiatrist.

He is a quality improvement coach in the NHS and he has supported several quality improvement projects. Dr Mahmoud Zadeh also has MSc in Psychiatric Research from University College London (UCL) and he has been involved in research projects in UCL and the NHS. Dr Mahmoud Zadeh uses evidence-based treatment and biopsychosocial model to formulate holistic management plans for his patients. He has excellent feedbacks from his patients and his colleagues. His aim is to provide the best quality of care and personalised treatment for his patients. He is committed to his profession and he is highly motivated, flexible, and most importantly a compassionate doctor.

Dr Mahmoud Zadeh is fluent in English and Persian (Farsi).