GMC Number: 3239054

I completed Medical School in 1982 and after my Internship I commenced training in Psychiatry in Ireland and the UK. I qualified as a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1987. I have worked for many years as a Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Director in both Ireland and Canada, in a number of different subspecialities. I completed an MD doctorate in Alcohol research in 1994. Over the years I have worked in General Adult Psychiatry, Liaison Psychiatry, the Psychiatry of Substance Abuse, Psychiatric Intensive Care, Rehabilitation Psychiatry and Old Age Psychiatry.

I started working in telepsychiatry in 2020 as COVID changed how mental health services are delivered around the world.

Back in the 1990s I completed an MBA with a focus on improving the quality of mental health services by listening to our patients, their relatives and their family doctors. I try to be collaborative and empathic in dealing with patients and families.

I enjoy working with patients from across the age range from young adults to those who have retired. COVID has caused particular problems for young people who have seen a major disruption in many areas, including in their studies, employment, social life and leisure activities. Family life and family support have been disrupted. Older adults have lived in fear, and some older adults have lived in near isolation.

COVID 19 has brought added stress to everyone,  and in mental health we are seeing an increase in new onset concerns with depression,  anxiety,  concentration problems and fatigue, as well as worsening situations in those individuals with pre-existing problems.

I strive to offer a combination of comprehensive assessment, experience and empathy in my practice. With my patients’ permission  I am happy to involve partners and concerned family members, where appropriate, to try to obtain the best outcome for my patients.

I can offer appointments throughout the week from early morning to late evening and I have added a Saturday service from 9am to 1pm.