GMC Number: 2500090

I have worked as an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist from 1995 until 2018, including seven years as a Consultant in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry in Wolverhampton; and 11 years in Chichester, during which I was also a Senior Lecturer at St George’s Medical School (London).  I am also a fully qualified Family Therapist.

With several co-authors, I published a textbook in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry: the first edition in 2001, and the second in 2011.  I have participated in research on the treatment of Conduct Disorder and ADHD and have worked closely with Paediatricians in a number of ways, including taking the lead in a learning programme for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.  Known as the ‘Child in Mind’ Project, this aimed to give Paediatricians in training a grounding in Paediatric Mental Health.

I am very experienced at doing thorough assessments.  As a Family Therapist, I am used to exploring issues through talking, either with several people from the same family, or one person.  Treatment options include continuing these discussions in various forms, and/or a trial of medication.  Referral for targeted talking therapy, such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), may be necessary.