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Dr Sarmila Sinha is a Consultant Psychiatrist, Amazon Kindle Best Selling Author, Stress Coach and Motivational Speaker based in the UK. She is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr Sinha has been a Health and Well-Being Ambassador for doctors in the NHS and has over 15 years of experience as a Psychiatrist in the UK. She is the founder of Living Life Stress Free Ltd, a Wellness Centre and CPD accredited Course Provider.

After completing MRCpsych (Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists), she received a scholarship to study MSc in Transcultural Psychiatry (Queen Mary University, London) and was awarded a distinction in 2010.

Dr Sinha became an Eating Disorders Consultant Psychiatrist in 2014. In the same year, her team won the BEAT national award in the category ‘Best Eating Disorders Team’ in the UK.

Dr Sinha has a passion for raising awareness on mental health issues among the general public and reducing stigma in mental health. Her book ‘Depression A Guide to Recovery‘, is an uplifting and actionable guide to the causes, symptoms, treatment and management of Depression. ‘My goal was to create a resource that gets right to the point, and reaches out to people in despair, in a way that’s comforting,’ she explains.

Dr Sinha has developed a unique 4-C Approach to Stress Management for professionals and entrepreneurs, where she teaches easy to apply Stress Management Strategies. Well-established health organisations such as Nuffield Health have hosted Dr Sinha to deliver this highly effective Stress Management 4-C Strategies.

Dr Sinha believes in a holistic approach to treatment and emphasises the importance of reducing stress and managing stress to prevent chronic physical and mental illnesses. She respects traditional practices and combines the best of both Eastern Health practice such as Yoga and Meditation with Western Medicine.

Her latest book ‘An Expert Guide to Stress Management‘ was a Number One Kindle Best Seller in 2019.

Dr Sinha has been featured and quoted in Men’s Health magazine and interviewed by Readers Digest UK (Nov Issue, 2019). She regularly blogs on various health topics on the Living Life Stress Free website (

Her passion is to raise awareness on health topics such as well-being, stress management, work-life balance, improving relationships, conflict resolution, improving resilience and leadership skills.

Dr Sinha runs regular Stress Management training workshops for professionals and entrepreneurs in UK.

She is a trainer on Stress Management for the Royal College of Psychiatrists and British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.


An Expert Guide to Stress Management’ is available to buy on Amazon:

Depression a Guide to Recovery, available on Amazon: