NMC Number: 0012540E

Qualifications: Diploma MH Nursing/V300 Independent Prescribing.

Denise has been a qualified mental health nurse for 18 years and an independent prescribing nurse for 7 years. She has vast experience having worked across NHS trusts delivering evidence based, compassionate care in the areas of substance misuse, adult mental health and for almost 4 years she has specialised in the area of Adult ADHD.

She is currently employed as the Lead clinical nurse specialist for a busy Adult ADHD NHS service, undertaking diagnostic assessments and treatment titrations for persons aged 16 and over.

Denise has a sound understanding of how untreated ADHD can have a major impact upon an individual’s wellbeing. She is passionate about raising the profile of Adult ADHD to promote early identification and intervention. She has trained GPs and other professionals and remains focused on improving pathways to ensure that adult ADHD assessment and treatment is more accessible.