The most common worries for those who are growing elderly, or those who care for them, are loss of cognitive function associated with the various types of dementia. Our online memory clinics are able to support patients with diagnosis, treatment plans and aftercare.

Our memory clinic provides specialist memory assessments clinics for people of all ages. We have a dedicated team who work with the person and their supporter to ensure we offer a high quality assessment and treatment process, taking everyone’s needs into account.

We will undertake a comprehensive assessment, recommend suitable investigations and diagnose the nature of the memory difficulties. The team includes Consultant Psychiatrists, Specialist Memory Nurses, Specialist Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and a dedicated administration team. Any findings are generally reported to the patient’s general practitioner (GP).

After diagnosis, we also have a range of treatment interventions on offer both to individuals and groups. We also include medication titration as a part of the package, as well as post diagnosis support and input.

Please visit our MemoryClinix for more information regarding suitability.