Fees – Explained

In the majority of cases, you will need a full one hour assessment. This will cost you £360.00 which is payable in advance. This cost will include a written opinion or assessment letter and/or a suggested treatment plan and a formal diagnosis where indicated.

There may be additional fees payable after the assessment, for which you will receive an invoice: for example, for the costs for prescribing medication agreed between you and the psychiatrist at the time of assessment.

You could also be charged, by the minute, for any extra time spent in the consultation if the meeting runs over one hour, but this is at the discretion of the doctor.

For children or adolescents, there is always an initial 30 minute assessment consultation for the child’s parent or guardian along with a letter setting out a proposed plan for which we charge £200.00 – this is also payable in advance. An estimate of the likely cost of any proposed treatment plan is then provided after that initial discussion. You can read more about the treatment of children here.

NHS Funding

You should, in theory, be able to exercise your right to choice to have an appointment with us as we are a CQC registered provider of services to the NHS. Unfortunately, the current guidelines are that that choice is limited to providers who already have contracts to supply the service you are seeking.

Psychiatry-UK has contracts to provide NHS-funded Adult ADHD assessments and treatment in England.

If you would like to approach your GP and to ask him or her to support an application to get NHS funding, we would be happy to discuss this with your GP and help in making such an application.

Standard Fees

1 hour online assessment with Consultant Psychiatrist (includes full initial assessment, opinion, recommendations, suggested treatment plan and report)£360.00*
Letter for GP£30.00
Each minute of online consultation time after first hour£6.00
Private Prescription
(A follow up appointment will be necessary after 6 weeks)
Perinatal Consultation (minimum fee)£360.00*
Alcohol and Substance Misuse Consultation (minimum fee)++£360.00*
30 minute follow up appointment if indicated at the time of assessment (Inclusive of letter to GP)£180.00
Mandatory completion of titration follow up meeting (online) following prescription of medication by a Psychiatry-UK Consultant (Inclusive of shared care agreement letter to GP)£180.00
Email progress reports to/from Consultant after full assessmentFREE
Child or adolescent initial 30 minute parent or guardian consultation£200.00
Child Generic Assessment (1 hour including report)£350.00


Adult - Diagnostic Assessment and Report

Includes online assessment, diagnosis, and written report. Medication, titration and a mandatory follow up appointment in 4-12 weeks is not included
Child - Diagnostic Assessment and Report

Includes online assessment, diagnosis, and written report. Medication, titration and a mandatory follow up appointment in 4-12 weeks is not included
Medication£70.00 - £150.00
Monthly Titration (Adult and Child)£105 per 4 weeks ***
Follow Up Appointment (Adult)£180.00
Follow Up Appointment (Child)£175.00

Autism Spectrum Condition Fees

Initial assessment (1 hour consultation time and 1 hour of document analysis)£720.00
Additional Consultation time£6.00 per minute
Follow up Appointment£180.00
Psychological Needs Assessment£200.00

Therapeutic Interventions

Therapy (6 sessions)£720.00

* Although we will aim to complete your assessment in the initial one hour appointment, sometimes it will take longer to allow a full exploration of your symptoms and history in order to make an accurate diagnosis.  You can help the consultant by completing all paperwork and questionnaires that you are sent in advance, and by being clear what questions you want to be answered during the appointment. Additional time spent with the psychiatrist is charged at £180 for every further 30 minutes or £6 per minute as outlined in the charges above.

**​ Does not include treatment or titration. See the Processes and Costs section on this page for more information.

*** Most adults become stable on treatment within 4-8 weeks.  If a change of medication is needed due to side effects or it not being clinically effective,  titration can take up to 12 weeks.  Children are more likely to take 3 months on average to complete titration.

++ Minimum fee required as a deposit for Perinatal and Alcohol/Substance misuse consultations.

Recent Patient Reviews

100% recommend

‘I am hoping to have a better quality of life. They are really helping me find it! 100% recommend if you are happy to spend the money. (Don’t think of it as spare money, think of it as investments into your longterm wellbeing!)’

16 October 2019 - Independent Patient Review from Trustpilot 

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