Why choose to have a private consultation?

We work with the NHS. We provide services to the NHS and all of our psychiatrists have worked in the NHS – many still do for their day jobs! It is a fine institution that we all depend on, that we believe in, and that we support – but it’s not the only choice.

Unfortunately, the NHS has a severe shortage of consultant psychiatrists, so it is almost impossible to get to see one unless you become very ill indeed. The fact is, most mental health issues have to be managed by GPs. Mostly they do a wonderful job – but they are not specialists in mental illness.

We believe that your consultations with us should be funded by the NHS, but that is a decision for your local Integrated Care Board (ICB). We will always support a funding application to your local ICB if you have the support of your GP. However, even with your GP’s sponsorship, it will take some time to get that funding approved and the fact is that the best indicator for improved outcomes in any area of healthcare is rapid access to high-quality specialist medical diagnosis and treatment.

When you have any sort of medical problem you may choose to pay for the opinion of a specialist doctor directly. Perhaps you have been through the NHS mental health system and you would now like a second opinion, or maybe you have tried to access NHS mental health services via your GP and found them wanting.

Whatever is troubling you (or someone close to you), we have a specialist psychiatrist who will give you their diagnosis, their considered advice and the best suitable treatment. That treatment may be by prescribing you with medication, when appropriate, but could also involve advice on onward referral to therapeutic and behavioural management services provided by accredited therapists, working under our medical supervision.

Top reasons why people choose to go private:

  • It is always far faster than waiting to be seen on the NHS
  • You will definitely see a top GMC registered doctor – of your choice
  • You can keep it all private – even from your friends and family.

Unlike seeing some types of medical specialists where a physical examination is almost always necessary, a consultant psychiatrist seldom needs to do more than listen to your story and talk with you about it for an hour or so. It is therefore not only possible to have your consultation on a secure internet video link (via your desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone) but research shows that, in many ways, it is preferable.  

One of the main benefits of an online consultation is that you can be relaxed, in the comfort of your own space and have the appointment at a time that really suits you.

As you can see from the recommendations at the bottom of this page and the independent reviews of our service at iwantgreatcare, those who have tried it all seem to be willing to recommend our service. So we must be doing something right!

An online private consultation takes place at a date and time that suits you. What is more, using our online system is definitely cheaper than seeing a private psychiatrist in any face-to-face setting.

The cost of a private (online) consultation through Psychiatry UK

If you have private medical insurance, we can work with most of the providers to get them to fund all or part of your treatment. However, even in the absence of insurance, seeing one of the consultant psychiatrists who are part of Psychiatry-UK is still extremely cost-effective.

Standard consultations give you 50 minutes with your chosen psychiatrist (which can be extended in some cases), after which you will be sent a letter or report containing their formal diagnostic opinion, their recommendations and an agreed treatment plan.

The details of this will have been discussed with you in the consultation. There can be additional fees incurred, if we privately prescribe medication for example, but you will be clearly told about these at the time. See a detailed breakdown of our fees here.

You can book your consultation here, or, if you would like a bit more information, you are welcome to fill in our initial enquiry form and someone will give you a call to talk it through further. Alternatively, you can ring our friendly customer support team on 033 0124 1980 (available 8am-8pm weekdays).