Right to Choose (ASD referrals)

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We continue to experience unprecedented demand for referrals for both our Adult ADHD and Autism services, which has inevitably created waiting lists for assessment and treatment.

Due to multiple factors, the time you will need to wait for an assessment can change frequently, so we are unable to offer precise timescales. Our call handling team are unable to give any more information on wait times over the phone; please wait to be contacted by us.  

If you are already registered with us, we will contact you by email and portal note to arrange the appointment, so please keep looking out for Psychiatry-UK emails. In the interest of fairness, we are contacting people in date order from the time that we received your referral.

If you are a Kent and Medway Adult Autism and ADHD Service patient – please read this statement

We thank you for your patience and understanding and would like to reassure you of our continued commitment to improving the mental health of many thousands of patients.

Please refer to the guidance below when seeking a referral to Psychiatry-UK via your GP.

Your Right to Choose Psych-UK Ltd for adult ASD NHS assessments 

If you are registered with a GP surgery in England and you are referred by a GP to a consultant or specialist in mental health, you have the legal right to choose the organisation (qualified provider) to whom you are referred, as long as that organisation is providing that service in another part of England.

As we have an NHS contract to provide adult ASD diagnosis services with an Integrated Care Board (ICB) in England, we fulfil the criteria to be a qualified provider under the NHS Right to Choose. As long as your GP feels a referral is appropriate and will make a referral to us, we are able to get your ASD assessment paid for by the NHS.

Patient Information

How to exercise your Right to Choose as a patient:

  1. Download and complete this AQ10 form.
  2. Download and amend this letter to include your details (including your email address) and address it to your GP.
  3. Take both of the above to your GP and if they feel an ASD assessment is appropriate, ask to be ‘referred to Psych-UK Ltd under Right to Choose‘.

GP Information

The information below is for the GP. Only your GP can make a referral on your behalf.

A referral MUST contain the following 3 items or it may be rejected:

  1. A short covering letter stating that you (the GP) wish to refer this patient to Psych-UK Ltd, for an ASD assessment, under NHS Right to Choose legislation. Please give a brief explanation for the referral. This letter should be addressed to Psych-UK Ltd and should have your name (the GP) at the bottom (not ANP or other). Please also include the patient’s email address (found on the letter given to you by the patient) as we are an online service.
  2. A completed AQ10 form (which the patient should have given to you)
  3. A brief medical summary of the patient along with patient contact details (phone and email address)

Referral documents can be sent as attachments to p-uk.RTC-referrals@nhs.net

This mailbox is solely for clinical use. Patient queries will not receive a response.

Existing patients, please reach out via your MedQare portal account. For further assistance, contact our support team through our live web chat.

Alternatively, the address for written referrals is:

Psych-UK Ltd
3b Fore Street
PL32 9PG

Right To Choose – Your Questions Answered:

We receive a high number of enquiries about Right To Choose (RTC) so please read our FAQ’s below before getting in touch. 

What is Right To Choose?
RTC stands for Right to Choose. It gives you the right to choose an appropriate healthcare provider if your GP agrees you need to be referred to a specialist.

What is an appropriate healthcare provider?
Any provider that is commissioned in England to provide the service that you are requesting. Psych-UK Ltd holds a contract with an NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB) for adult ASD services, so can be chosen for the same service by any eligible patient registered with a GP in England.

How long will I have to wait for an Adult ASD assessment?
We continue to experience unprecedented demand for both our Adult ADHD and Autism services, which have inevitably created waiting lists for assessment and treatment that can run to several months. We are continuously striving to reduce this timeframe by continuing to recruit more consultants and prescribing clinicians. Due to multiple factors the time you will need to wait for an assessment can change frequently so we are unable to offer more precise timescales.

How can I be referred?
First, you need to discuss your condition and symptoms with your GP. If they agree that you may have ASD and that you need to be assessed, you have the legal right to choose an appropriate provider such as Psych-UK Ltd. The referral can be sent to us directly from your GP.

How do I know if you have received my referral?
It can take up to 6 weeks for us to receive and process your GP referral. So, we kindly ask you not to call us during this time.

If you haven’t heard from us after 6 weeks, please reach out to your GP surgery to check the date your referral was sent.

Can I self-refer?
No, under the NHS rules the referral must come from your GP. You can self-refer if you are paying privately.

Does it cover the assessment and treatment?
It only covers the assessment. 

Can I have therapy as well as medication?
Psychiatry-UK will only perform the assessment and recommend appropriate treatment and therapy. 

As regards medication, there’s no specific medication for ASD, but there’s medication for associated conditions (depression, anxiety, ADHD) which you will need to discuss with your GP as per our recommendations.

What if my GP will not refer me?
Assuming that your GP is refusing to refer you due to funding concerns and not a clinical reason, you can ask them to read the NHS information governing patient choice. Common causes of confusion are the fact that we are not commissioned in your ICB, which is not relevant, or that the GP is only aware of applying through an IFR (Individual Funding Request) and asking the ICB for permission first, which again, is not necessary.

Does it cover Scotland/Wales/N.Ireland?
Unfortunately, not.  You must be registered with a GP in England to be eligible.

What if I am not diagnosed?
The consultant will advise you of their findings and a letter with recommendations will be sent to your GP to advise on your further care. You will not have to pay anything; the cost of this assessment will still be covered.

Does it cover other things (addiction, depression, etc)?
Unfortunately, no.  The patient choice rules cover all aspects of healthcare, but you can only choose an eligible provider that has an NHS contract for the service you require.  At present, we are commissioned for ASD assessments and treatment only.

Can I get help for my child under RTC?
At present we can only see adults under the terms of our contracts. We do of course have child and adolescent specialists available on a private basis.

Do I have to wait for the ICB to agree?

I have had an assessment and have not been diagnosed with ASD. I want a second opinion.  Can I use RTC?
If you were assessed for ASD by an NHS consultant psychiatrist, then you can only have a second opinion if paying privately.  However, if your initial diagnosis was a private one you can access an assessment from Psychiatry-UK under your RTC if your GP is prepared to refer you.

I am currently under the care of my CMHT, can I swap to PUK?
No. The right to choose rules cannot be used to swap provider mid-treatment.  If you are unhappy with your existing care, you will need to reach a resolution with your current provider.

Can I pay for the initial assessment and then get refunded if I am referred later?
No.  We can only invoice the ICB from the date of the referral. You can get a referral from your GP to cover the cost of treatment following a diagnosis made privately, however.

Why Choose Psychiatry-UK?

●     We are online, so our services are convenient and discreet.

●     Our waiting times are generally much shorter than NHS waiting times.

●     We are registered with the CQC

●     We are a GMC regulated designated body for doctors.

●     We are the largest (and most economic) provider of neurodevelopmental assessment services in the UK, seeing over 1000 patients every month.

●     We have over 100 consultants, so you can choose which doctor you see.

●     We are a qualified NHS provider.