Why we need your documents:

We are required to obtain photographic identification and proof of address documentation to validate your identity, which is an integral part of our process as an online service provider. We are required to demonstrate we have an appropriate lawful basis that allows us to process such information.  The lawful basis for processing identification documents is stipulated under article 6(1)(e) of UK GDPR which states “processing is in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller.” We will only retain your documentation for as long as is necessary to meet our requirements in validating your identity to ensure we meet data minimisation requirements as per article 5(1)(c) of UK GDPR which states personal data must be “adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed.” Documentation will then be securely disposed of in line with our strict requirements in relation to the disposal of digital data.  


Photo ID:

ID types we can accept:

  • Current signed passport,
  • Residence permit issued by the Home Office,
  • EU or Swiss national identity photo-card,
  • Valid UK photo-card driving licence,
  • Valid armed or police forces photographic identity card,
  • Photographic disabled blue badge,
  • Citizen card,
  • Valid student ID with photograph.

Please ensure that your submitted ID matches the following requirements:

  • The image on your ID must be clear and any relevant information must be easily decipherable
  • Your face must be recognisable
  • All four corners of the ID must be visible
  • ID must show your Name
  • ID must show your Date of Birth
  • ID should have a number

Proof of Address:

This must be an official document from the list on gov.uk*

The document must be no more than three months old

Documentation printed from the internet (internet bank statements etc), can ONLY be accepted if you do not have any paper-format utility bills etc

If the submitted document is an image of the paper format, all four corners must be visible

*Full List of Documents to be accepted from Gov.UK

  • Mortgage statement
  • Bank or building society statement*
  • Bank or building society account opening confirmation letter*
  • Credit card statement*
  • Financial statement, for example a pension or endowment
  • P45 or P60 statement
  • Council Tax statement
  • Letter of sponsorship from future employment provider
  • Utility bill
  • Benefit statement, for example Child Benefit or pension
  • Letter from head teacher or college principal: ONLY for 16 to 19 year olds in full time education and used in exceptional circumstances if other documents cannot be provided

Note: * We only need to see your name, address and proof that the document is an official bank document.

If providing a bank/credit card statement as proof of address, please ensure that your sort code, account number or any transactional data are not visible when you submit. The statement should be on the bank/building society’s headed paper and must include your name and current address, but all other personal information should be redacted.

Any financial or transactional data that is left on the document when submitted will be redacted by Psychiatry-UK on receipt of the document.