Step 1 – Book a Consultation

We offer one-to-one online consultations with GMC registered specialist doctors who work in both the NHS and the private sector. Bookings can be made in 2 ways:

  1. Book online if you know what you want to discuss and which psychiatrist you would like to book an appointment with
  2. Or call 033 0124 1980 and speak to one of our trained advisors (8am-8pm weekdays) who will arrange an appointment for you.

As a general rule, you will be required to undertake a full initial one hour consultationPayment in full is required at the time of booking so please have your card ready when you make a booking via the website or when you call to book. Additional fees will be due if you require a prescription and medication or if your appointment runs over the hour. A full written report is included in the cost of the initial consultation.

In some cases, we can offer telephone advice consultations for relatives and carers which normally last around 30 minutes costing less than the full consultation. Please view our schedule of fees for further information.

Step 2 – Attend your Consultation

We will send you a confirmation email and a text (if you give your mobile number while booking) with a link and secure PIN from which you will be able to access the consultation room at the appointed time from any internet enabled computer (or smartphone).

If using your computer you will need to ensure it has a working camera and microphone (you may also use headphones to listen although this is not mandatory). You are encouraged to test your system before your consultation is due to take place – Our pre-call test page is here

Other than that, there are no special system requirements apart from ensuring you are operating on the latest version of Google Chrome for the link to work. You can check you’re using the latest version of Chrome here.

Just before the appointment you should click on the meeting link that we sent by email. You will then be admitted into a secure video room which will only be occupied by you and your psychiatrist. At the end of the meeting you will be encouraged to leave feedback about the quality of the advice you have received – we use this feedback to constantly improve our service to our patients (feedback is completely anonymous).

Step 3 – What happens next?…

After your assessment your doctor will type up all the notes from your consultation or dictate them for typing before they are added to your patient record (which you can also access). A letter will be prepared and sent to you within 10 working days summarising the appointment with a diagnosis and recommended course of treatment and outlining any next steps.

If you have agreed to have a review appointment in the future, our support team will contact you nearer the time to arrange this.

If you require a course of medication your doctor will refer your case to one of our prescribing nurses who will look after you throughout the course of your treatment.

Recent Patient Reviews

I want to say THANK YOU…

I want to thank Psychiatry UK for firstly existing and secondly for continuing to provide an amazing service, despite clearly being an over-stretched service at this time. It is clear to me from the number of people being referred as adults that misdiagnosis, especially in females, is common and that the Government needs to be providing more options for timely referrals and diagnoses, with more education around what inattentive ADHD means. It has taken me to the age of 32 to accept that my brain is different and to reach for support for it. Being highly intelligent in some areas of life probably was the thing that meant people overlooked my scatty behaviour and inability to organise things without losing stuff or forgetting key things etc etc. Dr Bindman, despite being clearly restricted by time, was professional and empathic, providing reassurance whilst actively listening. I am only at the beginning of the treatment journey so i cannot comment further than the diagnosis, but I want to say THANK YOU.


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