GMC Number: 6018041

I find working for Psychiatry UK very rewarding, and I have often been able to help people who would have otherwise found it hard to see a psychiatrist. I have helped many people with Adult ADHD and I enjoy assessing people for these difficulties. Being caught up in your own world, or being caught up in the moment can lead to problems, but also often leads people to areas of interest and talents. I try to encourage people to explore this if they are able to. Most people find treatment life changing and they have been very grateful for our input.

As an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist working in a Home Treatment Team, I have managed patients with a range of mental health problems, frequently being involved during crisis times for people.

I have since moved to Berlin, learnt a new language and am working in an addiction unit here. I will continue to retain my UK General Medical Council membership and my work with Psychiatry UK along side my work in Berlin.

I qualified as a Doctor from Bart’s and the London Medical School. I was interested in this area from before becoming a Doctor and I branched into psychiatry early in my medical career.

I am interested in psychotherapy and I have held training positions in psychotherapy during my career development as a psychiatrist. I tend to think holistically about treatment, and I like to consider what local services are available for people, I value involving the person’s GP if possible. I have worked across London and have experience of treating people from many different backgrounds.

I have also worked in specialist addiction services and am on the Specialist Register with the general Medical Council for Substance Misuse Psychiatry, in addition to General Adult Psychiatry.

I have published research on trends in medication use in psychiatry and I am interested in how psychiatry has changed over time, and have lectured to postgraduate clinical psychologists in this area.

I am registered with “iWantGreatCare” for feedback:

Dr Ilyas clearly has lots of patience for patients with ADHD! I found him open, honest, and understanding. One of the major problems in my experience has been trying to verbalise my symptoms to GP’s who seem unable to fully understand the seriousness of such issues. I wasn’t judged by what I said and Dr Ilyas spoke to family members to get a clearer picture. This process was so straightforward and clear, it felt like I was being looked after

Good listener, cares about his patients, and competent. Can’t go wrong with this one.