NMC Number: 00J1989E

Qualification: ipHE, BSc, Non-Medical Prescribing, MSc Advanced Clinical Practice.

I began my career as a Mental Health Nurse at Liverpool John Moores University in the millennium year -2000. I have worked full time in various mental health settings, including Adult Inpatient Care, Community Mental Health, Early Intervention in Psychosis and in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), specialising in ADHD and Autism.

I have professionally developed throughout my nursing career and gained a BSc in Specialist Community Practice in Mental Health in 2006, completed my Independent Prescribing qualification in 2014, and gained an MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice in 2020.

I currently work full time in my NHS job as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in a CAMHS team. My work involves assessment and diagnosis of ADHD and Autism in young people who are experiencing co-morbid mental health difficulties, and management of ADHD and mental health medications.

I am passionate about improving access to ADHD assessment, diagnosis and treatment and am happy to be supporting people to achieve this as part of the Psychiatry UK team.