NMC Number: 06B0968E

Qualifications: Mental Health Independent Prescriber.

Terrie Smith qualified as a mental health nurse in 2004 and went on to become an independent nurse prescriber in 2015, after studying at St George’s University London. Terrie’s academic background started within the field of sociology, after studying for a degree and Master’s degree at Goldsmiths University in SE London. She has taken her knowledge of sociology across to the field of psychiatry, which has assisted in her understanding of how social life and society can impact on human behaviour and mental health.

Terrie’s nursing background started within the field of child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS) and then proceeded into adult psychiatry and she is therefore well equipped to understand mental health across the lifespan. Terrie has an interest in neurodevelopmental conditions, especially ADHD and she has worked within the NHS and her own private practice, both in the UK and abroad.

Terrie is currently working on the Isle of Wight, within a Paediatric ADHD Service and she has recently set up a specialist fast track referral and assessment pathway for young people coming into contact with the Police and Youth Offending Services.

Terrie is very aware of the challenges and negative impact that ADHD can have on the day to day life of her patients and their families and she understands that ADHD often co-exists alongside other mental health conditions. Terrie is very passionate about the work she does and she feels that it is a privilege to be able to offer support and work collaboratively with her patients.

Terrie’s clinical practice includes supporting her patients to increase their confidence and resilience, allowing them to see their positive talents and the plus side of having an ADHD diagnosis. These positive traits, often include, heightened imagination and creativity, sense of humour, problems solving skills, perseverance, ability to multi-task, endless bags of energy, entrepreneurial skills and the ability to hypo focus.

Outside of her work, Terrie is an avid reader and enjoys painting, film and music as well as spending time with her friends and family.