Increased awareness of mental health issues in young people and the problems of patchy local child and adolescent services have led to many calls for improvement in staff education and understanding and plenty of organisations are looking at how to help schools and universities to manage their responsibilities and help their students.

We are working with a number of charities and academic institutions to provide both training (CPD accredited) and education around mental health. Unfortunately, awareness of the scale of the problem does nothing to reduce it – and there are very few offers of much more and  than fine words and little in the way of provision of practical solutions.

To make things worse, many who work in the field of managing educational institutions have failed to understand that their responsibilities to look after the mental health of all individuals within that institution are actually enshrined in law and by failing to explicitly address the issues, they are leaving their schools and universities open serious reputational and financial damage.

Our models for schools and universities can be adjusted to all budgets. We take away the worry by managing the risk of mental health.