Attentive to detail

Absolutely amazing. He was super attentive to detail and you could tell he had really read and remembered my pre assessment questionnaires. He was very thorough and also patient. I would recommend this service to anyone especially with Dr Samuel Yates.

Bethany December 1, 2023

Incredibly happy with the quality of care

I’m incredibly happy with the quality of care I received from PUK. Dr Sajjad Sadiq, prescribing nurse Jenni Unsworth, and the rest of the PUK team were always kind and professional. My questions were always answered quickly, and it was easy to communicate with them.

Gabriel November 30, 2023

Helped me immensely

Dr.A Jamshed has treated me unbelievably well,i have been in NHS services for many years and struggled to get the support i need until now.Dr Jamshed expertise in PTSD has helped me immensely inc symptoms and documents

TF November 25, 2023

I feel much more confident

I can say that getting my diagnosis of ADHD and appropriate medication has literally been life changing for me, I feel much more confident and able to function at a consistent level now. Any anxiety caused by me overthinking situations and ruminating has pretty much stopped. I dont feel troubled by issues that are still around but I no longer let them take over my thought processes which lead to negative thinking. I have also had some CBT to help with my anxiety and also some ADHD coaching through work, these sessions combined with the medication has seen a dramatic turnaround in my outlook which has been recognised by close friends and people at work.

Thank you very much!

November 20, 2023

Transformed my life

I’ve lived with ADHD for 34 years, and it was only recently that I discovered I had it. Throughout this journey of understanding and managing my condition, Thirani has been an absolute beacon of support. Her dedication to ensuring I receive the best treatment has been unparalleled. The titration process can be daunting, but with Thirani’s guidance, it was made seamless. Her patience and constant communication have been invaluable to me. It’s rare to find a someone who goes above and beyond in such a personal and caring manner. Thirani has not just provided me with the right medication; she has given me a renewed sense of hope and a chance at a better life. I cannot express my gratitude enough for how she has transformed my life. Thank you!

November 5, 2023

Life changing for me

I can say that getting my diagnosis of ADHD and appropriate medication has literally been life changing for me, I feel much more confident and able to function at a consistent level now. Any anxiety caused by me overthinking situations and ruminating has pretty much stopped. I dont feel troubled by issues that are still around but I no longer let them take over my thought processes which lead to negative thinking. I have also had some CBT to help with my anxiety and also some ADHD coaching through work, these sessions combined with the medication has seen a dramatic turnaround in my outlook which has been recognised by close friends and people at work.

Thank you very much!

GP October 9, 2023

It’s a big relief

We just wanted to send our thanks for seeing us recently and sending your assessment of our son. It’s a big relief for all of us and is already helping us to better understand him and respond to his behaviours, which are not wilfully naughty – it’s just the way he is, and we are learning to adapt to that. With many thanks.

September 6, 2023

I highly recommend

After years of suffering & not knowing why I am the way I am,phyciatrist Ammar Jamshed gave me validation.I felt very comfortable and he was very empathetic and shown great care towards my self.cant thank him enough.He gave me reassurance and comfort that we all have different personality types.he gave me great insight into my diagnosis of bpd at the end of the session. I highly recommend dr Ammar jamshed thankyou very much for your support I can now start getting to know my self so Thankyou x

Laura August 29, 2023

I have absolutely no complaints about the care

I have absolutely no complaints about the care I have received from PUK. After a long period of struggling, it’s amazing to have an answer that I only started considering about a year ago. Big thanks to everyone involved, and I would highly recommend to anyone who feels like they simply can’t function in ways other people are expected to.

MD August 29, 2023

Made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process

I’m so happy with the quality of care I have received. Dr Pandis was incredible and listened thoroughly to everything I had to say, asked sensitive questions in such a respectful and thoughtful manner and made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. I’ve previously had bad experiences with mental health professionals (not from P-UK) but I instantly felt at ease talking to Dr Pandis. I was shocked at the amount we were able to cover in one session and definitely intend on returning if I have any other future mental health needs. He thoroughly explained the diagnosis and how he came to the decision as well as all my possible treatment options. Thank you so much to Dr Pandis and everyone at PsychiatryUK.

RW August 29, 2023

Enjoyed the assessment and felt good leaving it

Dr Sajjad Sadiq was very helpful, although i wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD he helped me connect the dots of my symptoms to my existing mental health disorder (OCD) and highlighted some good points, was very kind and i enjoyed the assessment and felt good leaving it. Highly recommend this Dr!

MS August 29, 2023

Helped me immensely inc symptoms and documents

Dr.A Jamshed has treated me unbelievably well, i have been in NHS services for many years and struggled to get the support i need until now. Dr Jamshed expertise in PTSD has helped me immensely inc symptoms and documents

TF August 29, 2023

Forever grateful!

Dr. Gupta was brilliant. She was approachable, professional, and well-versed in how to work with me effectively.

My prescriber, Darren McCabe, was amazing! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever felt quite so supported and listened to by a medical professional. He was always available at the touch of a button, and nothing was too much to ask. He went above and beyond, and I’ll always be grateful. If you’re reading this, “Thanks, Darren!!!”.

I’ve already recommended PsychiatryUK to others because my experience from start to finish has been exceptional. The medication has been transformational. I’ve excelled and have been given an opportunity to turn my life around, and I consider myself very lucky and forever grateful!

WL April 12, 2023

I felt well supported!

My assessment was with Dr David Adewusi. This last few weeks leading up to the appointment I have re lived my entire life putting all the pieces together and now I have my answer.

I tried really hard not to go off on a tangent and fit 48 years into the appointment.

Dr David Adewusi helped me by being very calm and clear allowing me the space to explain I felt immediately at ease and well understood. I felt well supported to say what I needed to and unpick what I already knew deep down. A lifetime of struggles and he saw me. hopefully now I know I can move forward and forgive myself .

CB April 12, 2023

Truly calming…

Dr Rachna Rajput made me feel so at ease being honest about my life, I could feel how passionate she was about neurodiversity. after she diagnosed me with ADHD she helped me to understand and ask questions.

After years of worrying about this experience it was truly calming as I suffer from anxiety. I initially couldn’t get on the video call and she patiently waited on the phone and guided me through. I’m very grateful to her.

NR April 5, 2023

Refreshingly stress free!

I very nervous when I was first in contact with PUK having had zero experience of anything of its kind before, but from the very first video chat, it has been so refreshingly stress free.

I overthink everything and filling out forms takes me a lifetime, but even these were manageable for me. Any and every interaction I’ve had with Thirani who issues my prescriptions has been seamless and straightforward.

I’ve now had my final video call with PUK and my future care has been handed over to my GP.
I’d like to thank everyone involved for helping me to live the life I should have been living for the past 50 years.

WB April 5, 2023

I cannot give enough praise!

This particular appointment related to my being handed back over to my GP, as such, this feedback relates to the entire experience of being with PsychUK; from initial referral.
The service/s provided have been nothing short of exceptional across the board. Every interaction with personal has been wonderful.., and efficient!

Dr Roberts, Denise Bromilow (my assigned titration nurse), administration staff, even the folk who maintain the website, just flawless. Everyone has been friendly, pleasant, knowledgeable, and kind. I didn’t enter this stage with a lack of knowledge of ADHD or the diagnostic process, given that I was already aware of being Autistic.

However, I can easily imagine that someone who is apprehensive, or has fears/confusions, would find PsychUK and the staff members very good at relieving concerns as they are extremely supportive.

I cannot give enough praise, I can only wish that every organisation was run this well!

Thank you to all for the support and guidance through what has quite literally been a life changing couple of years!

BT March 30, 2023

Good service…

Yann made me feel relaxed I was a bit anxious but soon felt ok. Had ADHD test and it has confirmed what I thought after assessment by Yann. Good service. Thank you

MD March 29, 2023

Kind and respectful!

Very kind and respectful doctor and prescriber, listened to my needs and ensured titration was successful and effective for me.

AB March 24, 2023

Attentive, professional and understanding…

We opted to use Psychiatry UK for our 15 yo daughter as she approaches her GCSEs, for suspected ADHD.

The ability to access swift mental health care was really important, as was having choice in the professional we could see. The Psych UK consultant profiles were really helpful for recognising the level of experience and expertise available.

We found Dr Woodward to be extremely attentive, professional and understanding. The online consultation was just as effective in our opinion for a mental health review such as this, which opens up access to experts without geography acting as a barrier to access.

The information on the Psych UK website meant that it was fairly straightforward to navigate the process of application, completing the various assessment tools and setting up appointments. The customer support team are very swift at responding on the portal whenever there’s a query. I did worry that a ‘portal’ could potentially mean a ‘black hole’ to get lost in!! This definitely hasn’t been an issue at all. It’s really easy to use and I have great confidence that all communications will be addressed within a very short turnaround time.

When my daughter decided to opt for a medication trial (after reading the very detailed information provided), the follow up appointment could be arranged very swiftly and Dr Woodward spent the full half hour discussing the options, responding to questions, reassuring us about the process to get the meds right.

So far, it’s been a very positive experience as far as Psychiatry UK goes. In terms of getting a diagnosis, definitely worthwhile as it explains so much about the challenges faced by our daughter over many, many years and now we can put strategies in place to help her.

YW March 22, 2023

Changed my life!

Today is my titration day. I started my journey by a video call with a psychiatrist. He asked me questions and gave me his thoughts at the end. I was right “you’ve got ADHD”. I thought I was lazy and disorganised… I’d never amount to anything etc etc. one year on from that day I’ve just been signed off psychiatry UK’s support and I’m out in the big wide world.

I had ups and downs with my medication, trying to find the correct dosage. Unfortunately I’m a fainter (always have been), so this played with me for a while. I am now on the correct dosage, which my prescriber worked hard to get to me there, taking note of every thing I said and every side effect no matter how big or small. He was a message away whenever I had a question or I needed anything and would reply rapidly.

My life is now completely different. I used to nap for most of the day and then all night ( I was always feeling tired), I used to have a high dosage of antidepressants, mood swings, impulsive etc… I have now had a step up at work, my house is always tidy, I never need a nap, my life is organised and I haven’t needed an antidepressant since.

I can honestly say this is the best service I have ever received and I’m over the moon. Thank you to my psychiatrist and prescriber… both of which have changed my life.

VR March 20, 2023

Really understanding…

Sajjad is absolutely Fab. Really comfortable assessment were I was made to feel at ease. Really understanding and patient.

LN March 17, 2023

Definitely recommend!

Dr Shaik was so patient and kind. She put me completely at ease when I was very apprehensive about the meeting. She said some really lovely things that made me tearful. She was professional whilst still having a warmth about her.

I have had a really straight forward and good experience with Psychiatry UK. I used the Right to Choose Scheme and the process was relatively easy. I will definitely recommend Psychiatry UK.

RB March 13, 2023

A really good experience…

Dr Saleem made me feel completely at ease. He was warm and understanding and sympathised with me. He was professional and I felt safe and comfortable in the space.

The whole process has been relatively straight forward and waiting times have been transparent.

I have had a really good experience so far, thank you.

RG March 13, 2023

A life-changing year!

Dr Sadiq and Helen have been incredible over my year of titration. They have been very supportive in helping me find suitable treatment (while being understanding of my terrible response times)!

Initially, I was alarmed upon hearing that I was being discharged, but the team put me at ease.

It has been a life-changing year for me, and I can’t thank everyone enough!

AC March 6, 2023

An excellent experience!

Dr Charles was extremely helpful. She listened to my experiences and I felt very comfortable speaking to her. She gave me a diagnosis which she carefully explained, alongside a productive treatment plan.

I had an excellent experience and I would definitely recommend booking an appointment with Dr Charles.

MC March 2, 2023

A fantastic experience…

I have had a fantastic experience with Psychiatry UK. I initially contacted my GP in Summer of 2021 to make an appointment and go through the right to choose process. The Dr’s then should’ve then passed my referral over but didn’t, after I changed GP surgery they resent the referral over and within a few months I was contacted to arrange my assessment appointment. The appointment was a video call with Dr Sahan Wijayaweera, he put me at ease, was friendly and we even had a bit of a laugh together. At the end of the assessment Dr Wijayaweera diagnosed me with ADHD, I was relieved and laughed, he asked why I laughed and I said “I always thought I was a rubbish person” and he was so empathetic and told me I’m not rubbish! It was a very lovely emotional moment.

We then discussed my treatment plan where I started on 20mg Elvanse, we increased to 30mg a few months later then eventually got up to 40mg which seems to be the best dose.

If I had any questions Dr Wijayaweera was quick to reply to my portal messages, he arranged medications quickly (even when I was a bit late in submitting the requests) and I felt like I was always in the know about my treatment plan. The Portal is brilliant, took a bit of getting used to at first but it’s a fantastic service.

I had an end of Titration appointment yesterday to be signed off over to my GP surgery but Dr Wijayaweera explained I will still have annual appointments with him to check my progress, I think this is fantastic! In my appointment he asked how I was getting on with certain things and how life has improved in the 10 months since my diagnosis and treatment started, we laughed about some things I will never change on, but he was also very supportive about the positive changes. Since being diagnosed I have learnt more about how to cope with ADHD, found many resources and of course the medication has also helped. Honestly, this diagnosis has changed my life for the better, in the past year I have improved in so many things, I’ve been promoted at work, I’m going back to college to advance my career and friends and family have noticed the change in me, for the better.

Massive thank you to Dr Wijayaweera and the Psychiatry UK team. You are all wonderful and I appreciate you so much. The Dr’s with PUK are clearly Doctors because they want to make a difference and improve peoples lives unlike some private Dr’s who are after money. These guys are blinking brilliant! Thank you again PUK & to anyone going on their mental health journey, you’ve got this!

SO February 27, 2023

Literally changed my life forever!

I began my journey with a consultation with Mr Khan in July 2022. I have a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD and is on medication and it dawned on me that I may have ADHD.

I always knew that I was “different” and after some research was pretty sure I had ADHD. After being referred to person who literally changed my life forever Mr Khan. My appointment was in July 2022 and I can honestly say it was the first day of a new life. I felt totally validated, he is passionate about ADHD and he was so easy to talk to and it was like he had known me and my symptoms for years.

I have gone through titration with a lovely lady called Eliza and I am going to be signed over to my doctors for a shared care agreement. I had a follow up today with Mr Khan and I am going to have another follow up in a year.

I am so going to miss talking to someone who truly understood me and my ADHD. He is a truly incredible Psychiatrist.

KD February 27, 2023

Extremely happy!

The overall experience was amazing, felt very comfortable and felt extremely happy with the whole experience!

HR February 21, 2023

Understanding and personal…

Amazing experience start to finish with Sajjad Sadiq, Helen Hardcastle and the whole Psychiatry UK team. Efficient and professional yet still understanding and personal throughout the whole process , I am so pleased to have been lucky enough to work with such a great team. So so welcoming and always going above and beyond, can’t recommend them enough X

LB February 13, 2023

Super easy to talk to!

Sajjad Sadiq made me feel really comfortable, supported to be able to talk openly and help me get answers, he was incredibly professional but friendly, informative and understanding, He didn’t make me feel judged or strange he listened without judgement and reassured me, I really appreciate his words of comfort and support he was super easy to talk to as if I was talking to a friend which made the whole process super easy and not scary at all!

The whole team at Psychiatry UK have been amazing, with my diagnosis & my medication journey I was really scared to take medication but the team was on hand with support and advice all through out, I cant thank them enough for the support and help, it has changed my life for the better, I would recommend them to anyone who is wanting support.

Thank you to everyone who worked with me to help & support me.

LW February 10, 2023

Thorough & kind…

Dr Pretorius made me feel at ease instantly. I was super nervous for my initial assessment but he spoke me through the process and was thorough & kind while doing so.

He seems to genuinely care & listened to everything I had to say.

Thank you so much!!

EH February 9, 2023

Best decision I have ever made!

Dr Charles is undoubtedly an expert in her field. I have suffered with mental health issues for as long as I can remember and was so nervous to make the leap and go private.

It has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. Dr Charles spoke as though she’d known me my entire life. She listened, empathised and assured me there is a way forward.

I cannot recommend Dr Charles enough. If you need someone who will understand your complexities, listen to you, empower you and truly care for your wellbeing – Dr Charles is the doctor for you.

CL February 6, 2023

Has made such a difference in my day-to-day life…

After my GP’s standard referral for an ADHD assessment, a friend recommended PUK to me. I requested a referral to PUK and despite the estimated 6-month waitlist, I received my ADHD diagnosis after 3-4 months. Shortly after receiving my diagnosis through PUK, I was notified that I finally made it onto a 3-year waitlist (!) for an ADHD assessment in my area.

I had a very positive experience and would highly recommend Psychiatry UK for adult ADHD assessments. The pre-assessment forms were clear and Dr. Sadiq was really friendly and supportive during and after the assessment. The diagnosis has made such a difference in my day-to-day life – big thank you to the whole Psychiatry UK team!

ES February 6, 2023

Genuinely cares!

I cannot thank Dr Dell’Erbe enough – he made the assessment so easy. He was thorough, kind, and put me at my ease. It was obvious that he genuinely cares about his patients. He has given me my life back, and he is a credit to this organisation, who have been fantastic from referral to diagnosis (and beyond!)

RT January 31, 2023

Real support…

My interview assessment for ASD by Dr Rachna Rajput was done with great care and professionalism. I felt listened to, clear information was shared, and for the first time, I felt someone was offering real support with my neurodivergence.

CC January 31, 2023

Made me feel heard!

Dr Edge was very attentive & easy to talk to, ensuring I was comfortable with the depth of the discussion. I didn’t feel stressed throughout & as difficult as talking about sensitive subjects is, Dr Edge made me feel heard & at peace, knowing I’m in good hands.I’d like to thank her for helping me pave the way towards a healthier mindset.

JE January 30, 2023

Amazing duty of care…

Amazing duty of care, made me feel at ease throughout the whole process. Very happy with my experience with Psychiatry UK

CH January 30, 2023

Very supportive…

Made me feel comfortable, very attentive, very supportive Maria’s knowledge is outstanding – I can see why Maria is within this profession

HM January 24, 2023

Very easy to talk to!

Very good experience, all objectives were clearly explained, the Dr was calm and reassuring and very easy to talk to. The questioning style was relaxed and relevant and all answers were listened to carefully and documented.

The way forward was clearly explained and all round I found the assessment pleasant and not at all stressful. Thank you.

MD January 11, 2023

Incredibly positive experience…

An overall incredibly positive experience throughout the process of obtaining my ADHD diagnosis and going through treatment. Dr Sadiq communicated clearly and made sure I felt well-cared for and understood throughout the process. My titration nurse Jenni was also incredible, providing guidance during the titration process and responding the next day almost every time I ever had a question or needed advice. An amazing team which has provided so much clarity, reassurance and support in my ADHD diagnosis and treatment journey. Feeling hopeful and confident about the future moving forward.

LM January 11, 2023

I felt heard!

Despite the long wait for the appointment due to the current demand, the appointment itself and Rachna were lovely, professional and easy to talk.

I felt heard and a solution was found.

Even though my cats were going mental in the background this was seen as humorous rather than disruptive which I appreciated the understanding.

MW January 10, 2023

I’m looking forward to the future!

I’ve had a great experience overall with all the help and patience that’s been received from that start.

Dr. Sadiq was great. He was really easy to talk to and able to communicate clear information.

I’m looking forward to the future and getting back on track with my life.Thank you, very much.

RS January 9, 2023

Life changing experience…

Great, life changing experience.

Dr Yates was amazing, calmed my nerves, explained everything very well, he was also extremely understanding and professional.

I got my diagnostic report within 2 days.

CW December 23, 2022

Absolutely amazing!

My experience with Dr Doniparthi was absolutely amazing. I have never felt more listened to by a person in my life. The thing I have struggled most with when seeing medical professionals is the lack of care they show because they haven’t personally dealt with your problems themselves. This was not the case with Dr Doniparthi, he found ways to relate to me which was so helpful. I just want to say the biggest thank you ever to him, he has given me the biggest amount of clarity and I feel as though I can move on slightly with my life.

JH December 19, 2022

The Doctor was amazing…

The Doctor was amazing and very patient. I am glad that I have been booked with her and I look forward to taking on her advice to become better.

BG December 14, 2022

I feel amazing!

I feel amazing after receiving my diagnosis.. having people that listen to you and care about what you say is the most incredible feeling. I have been able to achieve so much since being diagnosed.

Dr Sadiq was kind, patient and listened to everything I had to say. He took time to look over my notes to be up to date with all information each time we spoke.

My prescription nurse was Carol throughout my titration process, who once again was professional, kind and understanding.

An absolutely phenomenal team. Thank you all so much!!!!!

CS December 13, 2022

Extremely reassuring!

Dr Skarsten was extremely reassuring and understanding. He took time to listen, and was professional and friendly.

WW December 12, 2022

Finally some answers…

Dr Rachna was so informative and attentive. I felt listened to and supported for the first time in years. The meeting was a real eye opener for me! A relaxed atmosphere which put me at ease. Finally some answers to a long awaited journey, thank you so much.

RN December 12, 2022

Put so much effort into helping people!

This man is the only Psychiatrist i truly believe can help anyone with severe mental health related issues and reaching that break through from being disconnected from reality to helping them ground themselves back into reality.

His devotion to his work and his patients is phenomenal…i couldn’t praise this man enough and no one single praise is enough because he really does make a difference and really does put so much effort into helping people.

A remarkable psychiatrist one whom is always a pleasure to work with when you have on going health related issues. Precise punctual and professional. Thank you Dr Mohan for always helping me through my break downs and processes of life itself.

NB December 12, 2022

Caring and compassionate!

Really gentle caring and compassionate, I felt cared for for the first time in my life.

DN December 12, 2022

Understanding and responsive…

We have found Dr Proudlove very understanding and responsive. Having hadno response at all from, followed by a bad experience of, local CAMHS, it wasa great relief to find a CAMHS professional online who took the time toreally listen and help with the complex problems that my daughter isexperiencing. We have decided to stick with him for the foreseeable future.

RB December 12, 2022

A very positive experience!

Working with Dr Yeung was a very positive experience. She is a very warm, calm, caring and professional practitioner.

During consultations, Dr Yeung was generous with her time, answered all our questions patiently and put my daughter completely at ease.

We felt very supported by the entire Psychiatry UK team throughout the process of seeking an ADHD diagnosis.

Sally was our nurse during the titration process and her care was also exceptional. We are very grateful to the whole team.

JP December 9, 2022

Very happy with the care I received…

All the staff were friendly and helpful. My questions were responded to quickly.

Dr Sajjad Sadiq was very friendly and easy to talk to. He answered all my questions.

Overall very happy with the care I received.

MS December 9, 2022

Very friendly…

Dr Dinal Vekaria was amazing, he was very friendly, polite and easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable and would recommend him to anyone who was seeking an assessment for adhd. Thank you so much 🙂

WT December 9, 2022

Extremely grateful!

It was extremely difficult to access some help via NHS for my sons ADHD assessment.

We spoke with Dr Suresh Dasarathy who was approachable and very comfortable to talk to. He patiently listened to what we said. We were so relieved when got the diagnosis and medication. And we are so thankful to the Nurse prescriber Kate Beven who has been incredibly supportive throughout the titration period.

We are extremely grateful and Thank you so much.

SJ December 9, 2022

Helpful and communicative…

After being referred by my GP, Psychiatry UK worked very quickly. I was quite apprehensive about taking medication initially, and Dr Sadiq helped me feel much less nervous through being helpful and communicative. The portal works very well and my messages were consistently responded to very quickly. Thank you, everyone at Psychiatry UK!

SH December 9, 2022

I feel like a whole new person…

I feel like a whole new person compared to the start of this year, and I have the amazing Dr Sajjad Sadiq and Titration Nurse Rasheed Awofeso to thank for that. They have been so very supportive and every part caring, and without them I don’t know if I’d be in the position I am now. I have learned so much about myself and how my past, present and future has been and will be affected, and feel far more in control of myself and my life.

Thank you so much!!

ES October 31, 2022

Approachable and friendly!

Dr Sadiq was very approachable and friendly. I was very nervous during my initial assessment and he certainly helped to make me feel more calm and relaxed.He answer all my questions and put me at ease.It is surprising as well how well the portal works and how quickly he has replied to my messages

LS October 31, 2022

I am really happy!

I am really happy to have been able to get my ADD diagnosis so quickly after being referred by my GP.

Veenu Gupta was very approachable, communicating things very clearly and easily reduced the awkwardness and anxiety i felt going in.

ML October 21, 2022

The staff have been incredibly supportive…

Every part of the care I received from Psychiatry UK has been amazing. From my diagnosis and all the way through the titration process, the staff have been incredibly supportive, answered all of my questions and really put my mind at ease about everything. I am now on medication for my ADHD and it has made such a difference in my day-to-day life. I especially want to highlight how fantastic my Dr Sajjad Sadiq and my Titration Nurse Denise Bromilow were.

OM October 11, 2022

You have really helped me!

I just want to say thank you so much especially to Dr Saman Ahmed you have really helped me and understand more and listened to me i cant thank you all enough

SA October 11, 2022

I cant thank Psychiatry UK enough…

I cant thank Psychiatry UK enough. Dr Jovindah has been amazing and very swift with all the help for our son. He was honest but also offered hope when we were at point of desperation.

LS September 30, 2022

Life changing!

In writing this I feel somewhat sad, after struggling in various ways for decades, I finally got my diagnosis, thanks to this fantastic service. I told myself that I was wasting the services value time, despite two suggestions to seek a professional ADHD diagnosis.My appointment was with Dr Sajjad Sadiq, who was wonderful. I had been aware of ADHD due to a younger sibling having it, but for some reason my own condition slipped through the net. As years passed, I seemed to have more challenges both with people and in life, not really understanding why.The whole process has been life-changing. I admit I was hesitant at first, but the portal and the support I received especially from Dr Sajjad Sadiq, who took time explain my condition to me, and reviewed my options.I am extremely grateful to have been referred.

CC September 19, 2022

Personable and engaging…

Unable to access much help via nhs, I approached this pretty much in the dark, not knowing what to expect. The booking process was simple and communication was good.I spoke with Dr Stuart Whan, who immediately put me at ease, thanks to a personable and engaging manner. His insights and advice were very helpful and I would recommend him to anyone in need of psychiatric services.

ND September 19, 2022

Extremely helpful…

Saman has been extremely helpful, and has made my experience very comfortable. All of my queries were answered clearly with compassion.

AT September 14, 2022

I am so so happy!

I had wanted to be diagnosed for a very long time and thankfully they made the process very clear and very simple and though the forms took a while to fill out, it was worth it in the end when it got to the appointment and everything that i had said and explained was taken into consideration and was really valued.

I was so nervous going into it but my psychiatrist made me feel so comfortable and so welcome, by the end i was so relaxed and felt really listened to. I have had bad experiences with doctors in the past so to know that he trusted what i said made me trust him as well and in the end I was able to be diagnosed which is all I could have ever asked for.

I am so so happy!

JR September 14, 2022

I felt very listened to and accepted!

I was quite anxious about my appointment but Mr preddu made the time pass by quickly, I felt very listened to and accepted, where previously I have felt fobbed off by others.

Mr Preddu explained well and let me speak as much as I needed to. I feel relieved after my appointment and I would recommend this Dr.

CB August 31, 2022

I really can’t praise this service enough…

Psychiatry UK is really the best service I have ever used. Once referred, you have to fill out a number of forms which isn’t great for someone with ADHD, going back to childhood as well as a form for a relative or a friend to complete for you, however considering the service is provided remotely there really isn’t a better way to answer the questions.

There is a waitlist for an appointment but I received a call 3.5 months before the assessment and was offered a cancellation appointment 3 months early. The assessment was building on the information you provide in the questionnaires so it is quote smooth and it was clear the psychiatrist read them thoroughly. I was provided with the diagnosis on the spot and given lots of clarification and reassurance which was really comforting; even though you already know you have ADHD, receiving the diagnosis still felt a little overwhelming.

The psychiatrist also explained routes of treatment in great detail. From there the next steps were explained; I was advised of a 6 month waitlist for the titration to start- I received my first communication about titration within 3 months. I initially started on Concerta which made huge improvements however the side effects were quite prominent; the Nurse Prescriber (NP) looking after me immediately picked up on those and together we decided to try different medication. On Elvanse the symptom changes were more subtle and it took more time to get it right but the NP was determined to get me to nearly 100%. This process allows you a level of autonomy; you don’t just get thrown medication at you and left to it (if that’s the route you choose), you get a say about how you feel, what you want to do next etc. At one point in the titration journey the NP was concerned about the side effects of concerta becoming stronger, but I wanted to give them another week as I felt so great symptom wise and I was allowed to do so under her supervision; we communicated daily in that period up until we felt that coming off this particular medication was the best decision.

Throughout the titration period you have to fill out symptom forms every week to keep your NP up to date; these are quick and easy but you do have room for elaboration if you’d like; they get reviewed very quicky and you do get feedback on these. The website also has a function where you can use to view your progress on the medication visually though charts e.g. week 1 of medication VS week 4 on a higher dose.

I really can’t praise this service enough; it’s thorough, consistent and informative and the service provided by staff is something I’ve never experienced anywhere else before. If there was any improvement I could see, I’d say that some of the communication with NP could be on the phone or over video call; sometimes life just happens, the external stressors can affect your week and therefore can affect how you feel on a specific week or period of your titration. With that being said this is something you can include in your weekly medication progress forms.

MA August 24, 2022

I felt valued and understood!

The team at PUK have been very helpful and understanding with diagnosis and support.

Saman Ahmed was particularly understanding and flexible with her advice to me and made the process less stressful with her compassionate attitude.

I felt valued and understood and I am very appreciative for their time and advice.

FA August 24, 2022

Highly recommended…

My experience with psychiatry Uk was fantastic.

I was told initially by my GP that there could be a wait time of up to 18 months for an adult ADHD assessment. However, I was referred to Psychiatry UK and from referral to my diagnosis today was just 4 months.The psychiatrist who conducted my assessment, Dr Saman Ahmed, is friendly and kind, and we had a laugh a few times during our two assessment meetings (my initial one went over time so Dr. Ahmed scheduled a second one for the following day). She is easy to talk to and I felt at ease and comfortable during the assessment, her questions were considerate and her professionalism is beyond doubt. I would like to thank her very much for finally providing me with an official ADHD diagnosis and I can now move forward with my life, knowing what has caused my struggles all these years. Highly recommended, thank you again 🙂

FP August 24, 2022

Friendly and professional!

My journey with psychiatry-uk has be great. Dr Sajjad Sadiq and my nurse, Tony Adams have made the journey to post tritiation easy and comfortable. Everyone has been friendly and professional. I felt supported and listened to every step of the way.

NB August 4, 2022

Quite literally, changed my life…

I went through an ADHD assessment, diagnosis, titration and post-titration consultation with Psychiatry Uk and every part of the process has been positive and supportive.My psychiatrist was Rajvinder Sambhi and he has, quite literally, changed my life.I entered my first consultation worrying that I would have nothing to say or that I had convinced myself that I was wasting everybody’s time and had just convinced myself I had ADHD but the consultation (which lasted for just under an hour) was so easy. The questions that my psychiatrist asked were to the point and gave me great direction about what to talk about. When I wandered on a tangent he brought me back with clarifying questions yet also allowed me to talk with my normal stream of consciousness style of conversation. By the end of the appointment, I had a diagnosis, an additional recommendation to explore some autistic traits which presented themself, later followed by a written report and referral to titration. I was so nervous of feeling silly in my appointment (I have never had a psychiatry appointment before) but I actually felt valued, respected and listened to. I have had my end of titration consultation today and, once again, Rajvinder Sambhi made me feel listened to, valued and calm. He also explained, very clearly throughout the entire process, the next steps and what I needed to do next.This process with Psychiatry UK, and particularly the support and recommendations I have received from both Rajvinder Sambhi and my titration nurse Vicki Connell, have been friendly, professional, reassuring, a reflection of excellent levels of knowledge and experience, and most of all – life changing.Thank you so much

RS August 1, 2022

Life changing for me!

Diagnosis and treatment for ADHD has been life changing for me. After many years of being prescribed antidepressants I realise now that the main issue was never depression but untreated ADHD. Both Dr Prabha Moorti and my titration Nurse Fungisayi were professional, helpful and made the whole process feel simple. I will be eternally grateful to them as well as forever glad that I went ahead with assessment and treatment for ADHD.

JR July 25, 2022

Thank you for being understanding…

Very gentle and patient gentleman. Thank you for being understanding.

LM July 25, 2022

Life-changing for me!

I am really happy with the service I received from Sajjad and my Nurse Fungisayi. They were both really professional and answered all my questions promptly. For anyone who is having doubts about trying ADHD medication (as I was), please give it a try. It has had such a positive impact on my life…I am so grateful that this service is here and has been life-changing for me.

NA July 21, 2022

Professional, empathetic, and understanding…

Dr Sajjad Sadiq was extremely professional, empathetic, and understanding. I was initially nervous about the appointment, as I’ve had a few bad experiences with GPs, however Dr Sadiq made me feel comfortable and understood. I felt as though I was genuinely listened to, and that the doctor and prescriber genuinely wanted to find the right treatment to help me manage my symptoms.The first medication wasn’t right for me, but the second I tried was successful and I was able to find the right dosage for me. The prescriber and doctor replied swiftly if I had any issues or questions, and I felt generally well taken care of.I highly recommend Psychiatry UK to anyone considering this service.

RB July 18, 2022

So friendly and calming!

My experience from the referral through to diagnosis has been a good one.I was so nervous for my appointment but Dr Sajjad Sadiq was so friendly and calming and once diagnosed extremely helpful in explaining everything to me.Thank you for making what I thought was going to be a scary experience into something that was actually a really positive one.

LH July 11, 2022

Very professional in my ADHD diagnosis…

Dr Sajjad was very professional in my ADHD diagnosis, the first medication did not agree with me but the second medication was just right for me. Thank you for helping me at this old age wish i had looked for help earlier in my life.

GS July 8, 2022

Pleasant and a great listener!

Dr Rojo was approachable, pleasant and a great listener. I was apprehensive regarding my appointment, and had felt a significant degree of worry leading up to it. Within 10 minutes of beginning my appointment I felt at ease speaking to him, irrespective of the topic. I would wholeheartedly recommend his care to any potential patients.

June 22, 2022

Eased my mind immensely…

Dr Moorti helped immensely in my ADHD diagnosis and I was given detailed instructions for my options in the future, which eased my mind immensely. Communication was smooth and easy to follow, which was greatly appreciated.

DF June 9, 2022

I finally understand what is going on!

Tracy Norwich is a wonderful, warm and caring psychiatrist.

After 3 years I finally understand what is going on and no more confused in the way i am – back in 2019 i was suspected on the Autistic Spectrum, then it was epilepsy, then it was adhd so then i was referred here… to which after our first appointment together she said it does sound like CPTSD – after going gently through together about my own history.

And said it is definitely cptsd related because i’m not displaying the typical traits that is seen in ADHD.Definitely recommend Tracy as she is professional yet also caring and compassionate about the people she sees in her line of work!So I’m really pleased with the outcome! And will be starting treatment in the near future!I sincerely thank you!

JR May 16, 2022

Fantastic and friendly…

Dr Jonathon Burns was a fantastic and friendly face who I was very happy to see after months waiting for confirmation, the appointment was long but felt very quick and easy in terms of telling him about myself – even though there are obvious topics that need to be covered. I wouldn’t recommend anyone higher and I felt very listened to throughout the whole call!Thank you very much for all your help! 🙂

JP May 13, 2022

After years i actually feel validated!

Dr Asha Charles was very friendly and approachable, easy to talk to and made sure i understood everything she was explaining. Very knowledgeable. After years i actually feel validated and relieved that i not only have a diagnosis but a treatment. I highly recommend and should i require another appointment i will definitely choosing Dr Charles.

AC May 13, 2022

I am very grateful for his diagnosis…

Dr. Farid was very friendly and professional. I am very grateful for his diagnosis and for the fact he was able to meet with me on the weekend.

VO May 4, 2022

Very glad to have seen him!

Dr Almoshmosh made me feel very comfortable in my diagnostic assessment for ADHD, putting me at ease during what was of course a nervous time and answering all the questions I had. He had a good sense of humour and was genuinely invested in understanding my experiences. Very glad to have seen him!

KW May 4, 2022

I finally got answers…

Had been struggling over 18 months with mood swings and was convinced I had something wrong with me. I went to various places for help and nobody would help me or offer a consultation. I was recommended this service and it has been the best choice I have made because I finally got answers I was looking for and felt listened to by the psychiatrist. Asha was very understanding and patient with me. I have finally got a diagnosis and feel like things make more sense to me and what I am experiencing

JC May 4, 2022

I would recommend!

Dr Harry Woodward had clearly made the effort to read and consider the (large volume of) information I had submitted to support my child’s assessment.

He listened patiently to our concerns and the ways in which we hoped a diagnosis might help our child, and has written a thorough report and devised a treatment plan we are happy with.

We definitely feel we can go back to him with any concerns we have during treatment. I would recommend seeing Dr Woodward to other parents.

AP April 26, 2022

Such a vital service…

I was referred to Psychiatry-UK through the nhs right to choose scheme by my GP. I had such a great experience despite being worried and completely unsure what to expect when starting. Very kind supportive and conscientious team. Easy to navigate portal. Such a vital service during a worrying and uncertain time.

Thank You all So much.

JN April 15, 2022

Excellent service!

Dr Faisal was excellent and put me really at ease. He was patient, understanding and helpful. Excellent service so far.

KP April 14, 2022

Amazing from start to finish…

Psychiatry UK has been amazing from start to finish. I emailed as i wasnt sure if my info had been received, I was emailed back within a day, and given an appointment within 2 weeks! Amazing at getting back to you. Really happy with the outcome and my Psychiatrist was calm friendly and understanding. I would recommend.

JM April 8, 2022

Patient, empathetic and understanding!

We read Dr Harry Woodwards bio prior to the meeting and were assured we would be in good hands. On first contact on the portal his response was prompt and informative. During the meeting he was patient, empathetic and understanding. He took his time and explained everything really well and listened very carefully to our concerns before suggesting a treatment plan. Very happy with Dr Woodward and would recommend him and PUK to others. Thank you

JH March 31, 2022

Clear explanations of everything…

Thank you to Dr Fisher for the best possible experience during an assessment – I so appreciated her non-judgemental, kind and considerate approach, as well as her expertise and clear explanations of everything. The wait for meds isn’t ideal but understandable. Thank you!

CW March 17, 2022

An absolutely fantastic experience!

An absolutely fantastic experience, he was so understanding and really put me at ease. I was worried about the process of being diagnosed with autism, but the whole experience was better then I could have ever hoped. I could not recommend him highly enough.

RE February 28, 2022

Caring, understanding and patient…

The difference between undiagnosed, and diagnosed ADHD is incredible. Dr. Khan and Nurse Cholewinska have been amazing from the start: Caring, understanding and patient with any questions and problems throughout titration. I’ve learned so much, and the relief of knowing I was never the problem is indescribable.

HW February 28, 2022

We would certainly recommend…

We had high expectations and hopes for our meeting with Dr. Woodward as we looked to help our daughter. Dr. Woodward was understanding and listened to all our concerns. We were grateful for the diagnosis and have faith in the care plan. We would certainly recommend Harry

DC February 22, 2022

I will never be able to thank him enough!

I have seen countless psychatrists in my life and Dr Khan is by far the most fantastic Dr I have ever had been a patient of, he is beyond any level in terms of his understanding and knowledge, I will never be able to thank him enough for all of his help and support as he may of saved my life in so many ways.The consultation, the online portal was as simple as it could be, Dr Khan was thorough and very detailed, he didn’t miss a thing, I cannot express the high regard I hold Dr Khan in.Thank you psychiatry UK.

RS February 22, 2022

I feel hopeful!

I started the call in a very anxious and tearful state as I couldn’t get on the link.Dr Moorti made me feel reassured and listened to.I feel hopeful and have faith in the care/treatment plan that we discussed.I would recommend Dr Moorti.Thank you for your help

RC February 21, 2022

Genuinely listening to and understanding!

Having spoken to Dr Welton I felt for the first time that someone was genuinely listening to and understanding what i was saying and feeling.

I know that i was really anxious and mentally all over the place but he was very calm and professional and was able to bring my focus back to the conversation.

He made me feel comfortable in the assessment and wasn’t at all critical of my fidgeting or getting distracted.
i would definitely recommend him.

SS February 16, 2022

Always feels like a step in the right direction!

I put 5 stars because I haven’t had a lot of experience in what a good psychiatrist looks or sounds like, all I know is that out of all my experiences, Alessandra exceeded them all and was one of the most helpful, straightforward and blunt person I’ve ever met and I love that about her. She doesn’t pussyfoot around and gets right to the point. It can often feel shocking to hear what our psychiatrists have to say but always feels like a step in the right direction and that’s how I felt at the end of our session, I felt like a lot was finally clarified as well as having a new journey I didn’t even know was there laid out to me. I dont know where this is going but I look forward to it. Ive had a wonderful session with Alessandra and would be happy to have another with her if it were to even re-occur.

SL February 15, 2022

The whole team are lovely to deal with…

Having researched Dr Ellis before I booked, I felt quite confident that I’d chosen the best consultant for me.

She is patient, easy-going, non-judgmental, understanding, highly regarded in her field and is very efficient. In fact, the whole team are lovely to deal with and are highly responsive.Although it may take several weeks before I can connect with the prescribing team and begin my medication for ADHD, this is the only area that could be improved. Despite this, I would certainly recommend your company to others. Thank you for your help so far.

JA February 14, 2022

Friendly, kind, helpful and thorough…

We paid privately for an ADHD assessment for our 14 year old daughter. We could not fault our Psychologist, Marina. Initially we had contact with her via the portal and she was prompt and professional in her requests and responses. During our first virtual assessment Marina was friendly, kind, helpful and thorough. She listened well, had a good recollection of all of the information and forms we had previously sent over and we truly felt that she wanted to help us. So much so that we asked to arrange a second appointment to further discuss an alternative diagnosis (autism). She asked us how we wished her time was best spent, sent medication information over and even telephoned impromptu to discuss matters. All said, I would most definitely recommend Marina and Psychiatry UK. 5 stars!

HW February 7, 2022

Looking forward to feeling better!

Dr Welton was very informative, polite, patient and understanding. I am grateful for the diagnosis and am looking forward to feeling better in the future

LH February 4, 2022

I felt at ease…

The doctor was very understanding with anything I was unsure of, the discussion was informative and I felt at ease. Thank you Psychiatry UK.

AW February 3, 2022

Amazing service…

Amazing service, very friendly and a quick turn around. Very pleased.

NC February 1, 2022

Truly glad!

Dr Emma was amazing, I felt comfortable during the appointment so much that it just felt like a chat. Truly glad I chose Psychiatry UK!

AM January 28, 2022

Put me at ease…

Very affirming and understanding, definitely put me at ease.

AG January 21, 2022

100/10 service!

After having been on a long waiting list, it was fantastic to find out that I was able to use the NHS right to choose to get my diagnosis, finally!It was pretty smooth and quick, after my GP sent the email within a few days I had a welcome email from PUK with all the information in the portal for me to get before my appointment!During the video consultation Dr Salwan Jajaw was very reassuring and made me feel very comfortable, listened to everything I had to say, made his questions clear and understandable even when I didn’t understand he re worded and carried on.After everything was done the nurse dealing with my medication was fantastic too. 100/10 service!

SP January 11, 2022

He listened to everything I said!

Dr Houssain was brilliant. He made me feel at ease and comfortable whilst talking with him. He listened to everything I said and made me think I am not what I thought I was and just that I have ADHD! I cannot thank him enough.

BC December 21, 2021

Extremely professional service…

Dr Chatziagorakis was caring, professional, understanding and explained clearly and supportive of my questions and queries. I am highly impressed by his expert knowledge and extremely professional service and i am so delighted that i was able to access an assessment through Psychiatry UK THANK YOU SO MUCH

EM December 10, 2021

He listened to every little thing I said!

Dr Pretorious was fantastic. He made me feel very at ease speaking with him, he listened to every little thing I said and gave me great confidence, that I will now receive the correct treatment. Cannot thank Dr Pretorius enough as I finally have the diagnosis I needed.

GR December 10, 2021

It was a relief to finally have an explanation for my problems…

Dr Adewusi was amazing! He put me at ease from the beginning and was very patient with me while I was tripping over myself trying to explain everything that was making me so anxious and the steps that led to me thinking I have ADHD.He was very kind, very understanding, very helpful in giving me the time and cues to find my words, and he was very polite and considerate without being stuffy. He adapted to my being somewhat rudely (unintentionally) direct, and I appreciated that he wasn’t rigid in his approach and therefore made the assessment flow very organically.He even called me personally to inform me of some mix-ups with the appointment (it got rescheduled twice), and explained and apologised even though it wasn’t his fault. I very much appreciated the hands on approach and his consideration.By the end, I was so relaxed that I even forgot that I just got diagnosed with a chronic mental illness! In fairness, it was a relief to finally have an explanation for my problems, but his attitude and bedside manner definitely contributed to the positive ending. And for all of that I am very grateful 🙂

CC November 22, 2021

Lovely and professional throughout!

Really easy and comfortable assessment! Dr Jayan was lovely and professional throughout! Would highly recommend. Thank you so much!

HR November 2, 2021

Cannot fault anything!

I am now a better version of myself brilliant service from start to finish my titration nurse Victoria answered any queries within hours of leaving messages on my portal cannot fault anything

KL October 18, 2021

I really appreciated speaking to him…

Dr Sadiq was a top bloke!

Really warm and friendly, i found it really easy to talk to him and discuss my case. He was knowledgeable, thorough and patient, and I really appreciated speaking to him.

The admin team around him who contacted my via the portal are also really helpful; consistently keeping me up to date via case notes.

Massive thanks to all!

DW October 14, 2021

To say I’m grateful is an understatement!

I have struggled with my disability and mental health for years and years, the road has not been easy and after speaking with Dr Shahab Tamuri it feels like the final puzzle piece has fallen into place. I feel at long last I’ll be able to begin my life and it’s amazing to have my struggles validated. The knowledge shared through my assessment was eye opening and obviously very relatable. It was refreshing to speak to someone who actually understood! To say I’m grateful is an understatement as this has been a truly life changing moment for me, the service and communication I have received and continue receiving is nothing short of spectacular. A huge thanks to you all.

ME October 7, 2021

She was extremely knowledgable…

Dr Jayan was extremely professional, friendly and welcoming. I felt at ease throughout my entire consultation and was able to open up about my history. She was extremely knowledgable about my diagnosis and listened to my concerns regarding medication, which allowed me to be put on medication i was comfortable with. THANK YOU!!

KF October 7, 2021

Receiving a diagnosis has changed my life!

Dr Roberts made me feel at ease and his knowledge of the condition I sought a diagnosis for was in-depth and substantial. I felt he gave me the time I needed to answer questions and understand my concerns. Receiving a diagnosis has changed my life, many thanks to Psychiatry Uk for excellent care.

LC September 29, 2021

Within the first five minutes I felt at ease!

Doctor Adewusi was incredibly helpful during my assessment. By guiding and prompting me through the conversations, I was able to talk about all the symptoms I was experiencing in detail. Dr Adewusi was constantly checking in with me during the assessment, ensuring that he understood my perspective, which was very reassuring. Prior to the assessment I was quite nervous but within the first five minutes I felt at ease which I think is because the Doctor is also a great conversationalist. He paid great attention to what I had to say and I felt very comfortable talking about my experiences with him. Towards the end, Dr. Adewusi explained the next steps in a very clear and easy to understand way. I had enough time to ask any questions I had. Overall I had a very professional yet warm experience. I would strongly recommend Psychiatry-UK and Doctor Adewusi.

HU September 1, 2021

They always found time to help and offer advice…

Its hard to write a review without a hint of a back story. This is mine. Female, in my late 50s. I grew up when ADHD was less understood, especially in girls. No need to elaborate on the struggles of a life lived undiagnosed to fellow sufferers, nor how wrong I was, when thinking I might have ADHD in my late 40s meant life might get easier. Without the means for private healthcare, the journey to try and get help was sole destroying. The turning point was learning that I had the “right to choose” my care while still within the NHS. That was when I found Psychiatry UK. It was still down to me to get a GP referral, but the informed support and kindness I got from the team made me feel like “someone had my back “ and that gave me the confidence to push for the help I needed. I’m a little old, and life has made me a little strange, and undoubtedly difficult… but they took all that in their stride, even when I got frustrated or struggled to understand “portholes and tech” etc. To be diagnosed with ADHD was no great surprise, however the depth of care and respect given to me was great. Both Dr Jack Krysztofiak and Claire Meadows (titration nurse) were professional, knowledgeable, but most important to me they were approachable and pleasant. They always found time to help and offer advice. The treatment I got was tailored and carefully considered. Everyone I dealt with at Psychiatry UK was wonderful. I hope they all read the reviews, so they know just how grateful I am for the real difference they have made to my well-being. Thank you.

ME August 31, 2021

The wait is minimal…

I have been really impressed with the service I have received from Psychiatry UK. I can understand the frustrations of others with regards to waits to start titration, however, compared to using my local NHS wait time which is 2-3 years, the wait is minimal. I was diagnosed with ADHD by Dr Rawala and he was brilliant. I’m so glad I found out about right to choose and P-UK as it has made the whole experience a lot easier to deal with. Thank you!

AS July 7, 2021

Nothing short of outstanding!

Psychiatry UK have been nothing short of outstanding. I’m a health professional employed by the NHS so I have an idea of how services usually operate. I feel privileged to have received such an amazing, timely and sensitive service from both my GP at East and Hertfordshire NHS Trust (Dr Hanna, Burville Hse Surgery) and Psychiatry UK (Dr Rao). I know that I have been lucky because I was referred at a time when Psychiatry UK were less busy so my treatment was prompt and report accurate and timely, however, this is also direct testimony to Dr Rao, as these are her personal clinical practice standards. Thank you Dr Rao. You have changed my life

ND July 7, 2021

I am very grateful…

The doctor was very friendly, informative and helpful. He made the assessment straight forward and was very reassuring with me. I am very grateful for the service I received, thank you!

Anon July 7, 2021

I have finally been listened to!

The Doctor and the nurse have helped me get diagnosed and medicated and I feel so happy that I have finally been listened to and I am on a medication that works for me. Thank you both for your help. The service at P-UK has been great.

Anon July 7, 2021

It was easy to arrange a referral…

I was really impressed with the service and care from Psychiatry UK. It was easy to arrange a referral via my GP and i was seen by a psychiatrist fairly quickly – enormously quickly compared to local NHS services! I felt like they understood that the process of filling out and submitting the assessment forms can be difficult for someone experiencing difficult with their mental health and they gave me plenty of time to do this and were forgiving of delays.

Anon July 7, 2021

Completely changed my life for the better!

Psychiatry UK have completely changed my life for the better, yes I did have to wait a while to get through titration but my goodness it was worth the wait! I felt supported and listened to the whole way through my treatment and would wholeheartedly recommend.

Anon July 7, 2021

I finally feel like I have the help I need…

Not to be dramatic, but being able to access PUK via right to choose has genuinely been such a lifesaver for me, both in the literal and figurative sense of the word. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had to wait for years on the NHS waiting list, or save up the cost for a private referral. Thanks to PUK, I feel validated in my struggles and I finally feel like I have the help I need to achieve my goals.

Anon July 7, 2021

Would highly recommend!

Psychiatry UK has been a great experience for me, from getting an appointment within a week to seeing a great psychiatrist and being informed of all updates quickly. Would highly recommend.

Anon July 7, 2021

I am hugely grateful!

Psychiatry-UK has been a complete revelation. I had always considered I had inattentive ADHD but the 2 year NHS waiting list just seemed an impossible ordeal. I was referred to Psychiatry-UK and my assessment was in a couple of months. I am hugely grateful that this service makes help accessible in a timely fashion.

Anon July 7, 2021

The online service is easy to use…

Great service, very timely and professional. Would recommend Psych UK to others. The Doctor was courteous and listened to everything I had to say. The online service is easy to use and makes the whole process very easy. All records and data are saved confidentially and you have constant access to your records.

Anon July 4, 2021

A great psychologist to work with…

Really conscientious and focussed on your personal circumstances in finding a personal solution. Very in depth in a short amount of time and really approachable. All round a great psychologist to work with.

AC July 2, 2021


I went into my ADHD assessment nervous as hell after a lifetime of never being taken seriously and having all my problems written off as “anxiety,” “hormones,” and just being “that Special kid with the Something.” Dr. Khan immediately registered this and took time to really make me feel at ease with him and the process, which I can’t appreciate enough. Everything was really straight forward, he allowed me time to formulate the useless chaos in my head into cohesive words to accurately get my points across, and when the interview was over, I was diagnosed well within the hour. Life-changing. Can’t wait to start treatment in the Autumn. Really does feel like the only way is up now. Thank you so much.

HW June 15, 2021

I am so happy with the choice I have made…

After years of wondering and not having the confidence to pursue a diagnosis I finally decided to do it but I was still worried about booking privately. I had no need to worry. Not only was the tech department quick to help when I had an issue with my online account but my Dr was so incredibly lovely and supportive I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better. It was made clear that after diagnosis the way forward was totally up to me but all routes were laid out clearly and the advice given was very helpful. I did not feel at any point that I couldn’t ask questions and felt very secure. I am so happy with the choice I have made and can’t wait to continue with finding ways to help myself. I have even recommended psychiatry uk to a friend who is in the process of booking their appointment. If you are thinking of booking but are unsure I can only say it has been the best decision I made.

NR June 13, 2021

He gave me relief in my diagnosis and I can’t thank him enough!

I was recently recommended by my CBT therapist to get assessed for ADHD as my anxiety revolved around getting anxious around people thinking that I will say something stupid or come across as stupid, so I looked into ADHD and every single symptom just fit my whole life. I have always seemed withdrawn and could never focus, I forget important dates, I’m super unorganised (not good in my job role) and I’m very unmotivated unless it’s something I’m really interested in, my house is a mess because executive dysfunction is no joke. I have been made to believe that I’m lazy and addicted to my phone, but now I can accept that that’s not the case and my brain just lacks certain things. Dr Fayyaz Khan was very helpful, empathetic and very understanding. He gave me relief in my diagnosis and I can’t thank him enough! Thank you so much!!! If you feel that something isn’t right…do something about it, it’s worth a shot!!

LN June 3, 2021

I want to say THANK YOU…

I want to thank Psychiatry UK for firstly existing and secondly for continuing to provide an amazing service, despite clearly being an over-stretched service at this time. It is clear to me from the number of people being referred as adults that misdiagnosis, especially in females, is common and that the Government needs to be providing more options for timely referrals and diagnoses, with more education around what inattentive ADHD means. It has taken me to the age of 32 to accept that my brain is different and to reach for support for it. Being highly intelligent in some areas of life probably was the thing that meant people overlooked my scatty behaviour and inability to organise things without losing stuff or forgetting key things etc etc. Dr Bindman, despite being clearly restricted by time, was professional and empathic, providing reassurance whilst actively listening. I am only at the beginning of the treatment journey so i cannot comment further than the diagnosis, but I want to say THANK YOU.

CB May 27, 2021

I genuinely recommend Psychiatry UK to anyone!

The process of ADHD diagnosis was great with Psychiatry UK. Dr Yaqub had read and reviewed the forms I had filled out prior to the appointment, which meant I didn’t have to repeat anything and the diagnosis was a lot swifter. He spoke through everything I needed to know clearly to me so that I understood what was to happen now, and the next few steps. I feel confident with the help I will be receiving from him and Psychiatry UK following my diagnosis! I genuinely recommend Psychiatry UK to anyone!

JT May 7, 2021

Finally helped me understand why I am the way I am…

When yet another person said I showed many symptoms of ADHD back in July 2020, I decided to seek answers to the myriad questions which had been circling my brain since childhood. After doing my research, I decided to pay privately and book an ADHD assessment with Dr Jacek. The whole experience with Psychiatry UK was professional and Dr Jacek made me feel at ease from the moment I entered the online call. I was diagnosed with Combined ADHD, but Dr Jacek was clear to rule out other psychiatric conditions before he diagnosed me. I would have no hesitation recommending Psychiatry UK and they have finally helped me understand why I am the way I am.

AW March 4, 2021

I really feel like a new person…

My consultant has been absolutely fantastic, after a super professional and informative meeting, it was decided that I have ADHD! This came after years of being treated for depression,which I didn’t feel was right as it wasn’t depression! I was at first worried about the whole process,yet I have been made to feel very at ease,always being given understandable info about my diagnosis,I feel my life has been refreshed in the best way possible,I really feel like a new person,I will be eternally grateful for all the guidance and help I have received.

LH March 3, 2021

Changed my life…

Everyone at Psychiatry-UK is incredibly helpful and supportive. Their services are of very high quality and the treatment I received has changed my life. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking help.

Lia February 22, 2021

Fantastic throughout the whole process…

Dr. Suresh Dasarathy has been fantastic throughout the whole process of my daughters ADHD assessment. His kind, patient and gentle approach with her enabled her to give him all the information he needed. He wrote a very detailed 9 page report for her after the assessment. I highly recommend booking an appointment with him. Thank you!

A-C C February 8, 2021

Eye Opening!

This was the most eye-opening experience I have ever had. Dr Major was the kindest man I have ever met and has changed my life for the better. Thank you so much Dr Major, you are my hero.

KR February 2, 2021

Clear and Upfront

I contacted Psychaitry UK around my concerns around possible undiagnosed ADHD. I was given an appointment with a doctor and an online consultation. I was anxious about the consultation however the doctor put me at ease straight away. He had already reviewed pre consultation forms I had filled out and garnered much of the information needed from those. He was clear and upfront and highlighted different possible pathways. I was then passed to a Nurse prescriber for a 3 month Titration period as I had chosen to try medication. The nurse prescriber was superb always answering my questions promptly, listening and adapting to any concerns I had.

NHS Patient (posted on February 1, 2021

Contacted Promptly

I was contacted promptly to arrange appointment and the extra available appointment was also in good time. I feel promising about my continued support

NHS patient (posted on January 31, 2021

I felt listened to and respected

Psychiatry UK was extremely helpful when I was seeking an ADHD diagnosis. My doctor and the admin team were always very quick to respond when I had any questions and were always helpful, friendly and professional. I felt listened to and respected throughout the entire process.

NHS Patient (posted on January 27, 2021

Absolutely amazing service

Absolutely amazing service. Considerate, understanding and informative! Shocked at how good this service has treated me in regards to previous experience with psychological health care.

NHS Patient (posted on January 14, 2021

I feel very understood

Prompt appointments and very qualified and friendly staff. Really great handling of my issue and it was really nice to talk to someone that really got what I was going through.

I feel very understood by the service, and they’re working to meet my needs going forward.

NHS Patient (posted on December 20, 2020

Very pleasant, professional, helpful

Very pleasant, professional, helpful, took the time to listen, ask questions and understand. Easy to talk to and very efficient and fast service.

Jo May 11, 2020

Stress free service

Absolutely fantastic, Very understanding and stress free service, Dr Alexandros was so understanding and to be honest after only 1 hour on a video conference has given me a diagnosis that I have now done research on and has made absolutely perfect sense, A letter was written to my GP with a diagnosis and medication and treatment recommendations, I have since been to my local GP and finally the help I have needed for years is now getting put into place. A 1 hour consultation has been life changing, a big thanks to Dr Alexandros and all at psychiatry uk.

KH March 9, 2020

Very professional and definitely worth the cost…

I had spent practically my whole life with NHS mental health services resulting in very little progress to be seen. One session with Dr Montgomery in Psychiatry UK and I came away with a diagnosis and a medication plan, months later of taking the suggested medication I now feel more stable than I ever had and am so thankful.
Very professional and definitely worth the cost, my quality of life has massively improved thanks to their services.

Sophie Couch January 30, 2020

What a lifeline they are!

‘P-UK work really hard to make diagnostic assessment as accessible and affordable as possible. They do this whilst maintaining quality, professional, ethics and standards. What a lifeline they are!’

18 Oct 2019 - Independent Patient Review from Trustpilot December 11, 2019

Professional reasonable rates

‘Great service helpful and professional reasonable rates and a crucial provider of mental health services at a time of long waiting lists difficult access to mental health diagnostics and overworked underrated health care professionals in the NHS. Thanks for your continuing help and support well done!’

25th July 2019 - Independent Patient Review from IWantGreatCare December 11, 2019

Recommend it to anyone

‘I would recommend it to anyone needing help. The cost of private care has paid dividends in terms of sorting out long-term issues that have had a far bigger cost to me lifewise.’

21st June 2018 - Independent Patient Review from IWantGreatCare December 11, 2019

Economical and incredibly accessible

‘Psychiatry-UK represent the future of outpatient psychiatry, that’s for certain. They provide an economical and incredibly accessible means of seeing a consultant psychiatrist. ‘

23rd January 2018 - Independent Patient Review from Trustpilot December 11, 2019

My life has changed dramatically

‘If I needed to, then I would happily pay for this kind of help and care year on year, because my life has changed dramatically and all for less than the cost of a cheap holiday. Just do it – there’s no question of the value you get and the quality of life you can find afterwards.’

16 October 2019 - Independent Patient Review from Trustpilot December 11, 2019

100% recommend

‘I am hoping to have a better quality of life. They are really helping me find it! 100% recommend if you are happy to spend the money. (Don’t think of it as spare money, think of it as investments into your longterm wellbeing!)’

16 October 2019 - Independent Patient Review from Trustpilot  December 11, 2019

Secure and confidential

‘I was hesitant about online appointment but the package used was secure and confidential. The consultant was an expert in the field and I found it amazing to be able to access their expertise when locally my NHS waiting list is well over 12 months.’

6th February 2018 - Independent Patient Review from IWantGreatCare December 11, 2019

Very happy with the service

‘For anyone at all hesitant about using an online service to receive a diagnosis, do not hesitate whatsoever as this service has been amazing! After my initial diagnosis that was an hour long video call, a prescribing nurse kept in touch with me using their websites chat facility to see how I was doing and was able to answer any question I may having throughout my treatment with medication.’

12th August 2019 - Independent Patient Review from IWantGreatCare December 11, 2019

Care and courtesy

‘With huge NHS waiting lists, I decided to go private for this particular treatment. The care and courtesy I have received from Psychiatry UK is incredible.’

25th July 2019 - Independent Patient Review from IWantGreatCare December 11, 2019

Amazing support

‘Amazing support from the clinic and they went above and beyond to help me ASAP. Definitely the most welcoming and kind clinic I have ever dealt with. Thank you so much x ‘

25th June 2018 - Independent Patient Review from IWantGreatCare December 11, 2019

Extremely professional

‘Psychiatry UK is an extremely professional and efficient organisation. Everything is patient focused. I have no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending this practice.’

18th July 2019 - Independent Patient Review from IWantGreatCare December 11, 2019

Incredibly impressed

‘I was incredibly impressed by how professional Psychiatry UK is. I had to have several conversations with admin staff regarding the alteration of appointments and nothing was ever a problem to them, they just sorted things out quickly and kept me informed of the changes we had made by both e mail and a text message. I am delighted with the service.’

15th January 2019 - Independent Patient Review from IWantGreatCare December 11, 2019

Online or in person? 

‘My assessment was straight forward in person and very thorough with Dr Montgomery. I decided to take my follow up appointment online and actually it wasn’t really any different to the assessment that I had in person. I am absolutely certain I would have had the same service and outcome if I took my initial assessment online, but being able to try both video conference and in person I can state clearly that as a customer I am more than satisfied with the service, however it is delivered.’

16 October 2019 - Independent Patient Review from Trustpilot December 11, 2019

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