Tele-Therapy-UK Ltd (TT-UK) is Psychiatry-UK’s support service provider. TT-UK provides referrals from the psychiatrists who are part of our sister company, Psychiatry-UK LLP, a CQC registered, NHS approved, GMC designated body under whom’s international medical indemnity we provide our services.

If you are a supplier of support to those with mental health issues, or perhaps if you would like to work online with your own clients in a medical risk management system that also gives you access to support, advice and even education, CPD, and service development collaborations with psychiatrists, please fill in this enquiry form, to receive further information.

If you are accepted to work with TT-UK, we provide you with:

  • Referrals from our sister company, Psychiatry-UK (PUK), including from NHS and corporate clients.
  • Use of our secure NHS/HIPAA compliant VC consultation system.
  • A sound file of every therapy session, available to you and your patients for their review in their own time. (Though recording is obligatory, at the end of a session, if neither party wishes for a copy to be kept, the recording can be erased.)
  • The medical risk management system allowing referral of recordings for review by a psychiatrist from PUK.
  • Access to advice and support, (from peers and other specialists as well as psychiatrists).
  • Access to and use of the medical record keeping system run by PUK where the sound files are stored, along with any other medical notes.
  • A supervision and governance system based on review of the recordings.
  • The ability to set up your own sessions with approved patients.
  • A service development and training program.
  • Use of behaviour management tool apps provided under licence by us.
  • Access to and use of online forums, tailored to your programs.
  • A billing system, admin and secretarial support, if required.
  • National marketing of the whole TT-UK service and targeted marketing of specific businesses as part of multidisciplinary packages with PUK, especially into the NHS and other institutions including corporate ones.
  • The opportunity to market your services and your brand on our websites, allowing new customers to find you and learn about what you do.
  • The opportunity to grow a business with medical input with the tax benefits that this provides. (By working with psychiatrists, therapy sessions will be part of a medical service and, therefore, exempt from VAT.)
  • The chance to sell your service yourself, to clients you find yourself, and then bring into the system.
  • The ability to provide a service from anywhere in the whole world to people based anywhere except the US.