We have set up an interactive CPD accredited online educational and training service. With over 30 consultant psychiatrists with expertise in every area of mental illness working as part of Psychiatry UK, we can provide educational content online in an economic and effective package from top specialists with huge teaching experience.

We supply online seminars on mental health topics, either into a single location – a lecture hall for instance – or into a number of individual remote locations at the same time, anywhere in the world. You choose how you want to be taught.

An example of what we offer is this online CPD lecture for GPs (below). We are used to providing expertise tailored to the right level for the audience, whether it be other doctors or to the general public.

A Typical Webinar Package

A 4 hour session on a topic of your choice – e.g. “Autism and learning disabilities” or “Mental health law and the workplace” might come in the following package:

  • Intro by lecturer/moderator to condition/subject to be covered.
  • Interactive Multiple-choice questionnaire on subject.
  • Answers and statistics.
  • Recorded lecture by specialist with interactive questions..
  • Live Q & A with specialist – 50 – 60 minutes – questions submitted via supervisor
  • Second multiple choice questionnaire on subject – with discussion of answers after each question.
  • Concluding points summary etc – supervisor.

Afterwards the stats and answers from each participant at each stage would then be available if required and recordings of the Webinars are accessible for review by the participants.

If you would like to receive notice of upcoming webinars on topics that would be of interest to you or the organisation that you work for; or suggest a topic for a webinar or would like to organise some webinars from us, or discuss our organisations working together on webinars for others please make an enquiry here.