We want to be able to provide care to people in an accessible format and at the time they need it. With waitlists continuing to grow, we hope you will join us to deliver rewarding support to those in need.  

At the same time, we are aiming to reduce the administrative burden for our Clinicians. From introducing faster payment cycles, to new booking systems and the use of AI-tools to help deliver clinical letter writing, which can free up at least 20% of clinician time. With these changes, we hope to create a more enjoyable working experience and allow our clinical teams more time to focus on patients. 

Five reasons to work with Psychiatry-UK

  1. Make a real difference to people’s lives
    As Clinicians, you are often responsible for the turning point in a patient’s mental health journey. With more people struggling than ever, your time could provide the diagnosis that allows people to start on the path to a happier life.
  2. Increase your annual earnings, earn bonuses and gain
    We think it is important that you are well-rewarded for your support.  We are also finalising the details of a new equity incentive scheme for our highest contributors.
  3. Build a varied portfolio
    Rather than working solely on diagnostics or on follow-up meetings, working with PsychiatryUK will help to develop your skills and cross train in multiple conditions. We have a partnership with a renowned teaching hospital, giving our Consultants access to teach medical students. We are also introducing opportunities to supervise associate specialists and nurses. 
  4. Further your career
    We believe that when our Clinicians develop, everyone benefits. This is why our Executive team is accessible to answer questions and offer support. We provide the opportunity to take on supervisory work and explore management leadership roles within Psychiatry-UK. We will also share information on conferences and training programmes. 
  5. Flexible working
    We are a fully remote service, allowing our GMCregistered Clinicians to work from anywhere in the UK or overseas. 

What we offer in return

PsychiatryUK offers a highly attractive package of support and rewards, high patient demand, flexible working, continuing professional development/supervision and the opportunity to work alongside a community of like-minded professionals. 

  • Private and NHS Referrals
    Psychiatry-UK offers the chance to work with a diverse patient population through both private and NHS referrals, with opportunities to expand professional networks and pathways for growth.
  • Dedicated Support Teams
    We provide our doctors with dedicated admin and technical support, and streamlined processes powered by AI, allowing our Clinicians to focus their time where it is most needed: the delivery of care and treatment to our patients.
  • Collection and Processing of Payments
    Our Finance team takes care of the collection and processing of payments.
  • Quality Assurance and Patient Feedback Systems
    Psychiatry-UK has robust quality assurance and patient feedback systems, sharing valuable insights from our communication with patients to continually improve practice and enhance patient satisfaction.
  • Support with Safeguarding and Other Concerns
    The wellbeing of our workforce and patients is a top priority. Dedicated support is provided with safeguarding and any other concerns, ensuring a safe and supportive working environment. 
  • Secure Online Workspace and Pre-configured Laptop
    We provide secure online platforms for virtual appointments, administrative tasks and communication. All workers are provided with a pre-configured laptop for seamless integration into the Company’s digital environment, and comprehensive training to maximise efficiency and streamline workflows. Our IT team is on hand around the clock to support you when needed. 

Career Opportunities

We are currently recruiting Consultant Psychiatrists, Associate Specialist Doctors, Titration Nurses/Non-Medical Prescribers, Neuro-Developmental Practitioners and ASD Co-Workers. 

Find out more about our current vacancies.