We welcome NHS inquiries and we are looking to develop more NHS referral pathways.  We have a range of services that we offer the NHS, which can be easily and rapidly adapted into almost any environment where almost instant access to our specialist medical support and advice would be useful.

Whether you have a particular patient for whom you are seeking help or want to have a whole new online clinic built for your own service, we have considerable expertise in developing online models and would welcome opportunities to demonstrate this.

If for example, your Trust is paying out large amounts of money to locums, we may have the answer – we have the equivalent of twelve full time consultant psychiatrists in hours of availability on our present services and could double that without further recruitment if our service was, for instance, engaged to see patients and reduce waiting times – you need never use a locum again!

We provide the fastest and easiest way to access psychiatrists in the UK and we can also offer a huge range of educational and behavioural management support services on our medically indemnified system.

In fact, we can adapt the front end of our system to suit a multitude of service models, however, our opinion is that the service model that would be most effective is our system to link to GP surgeries.

Primary Care Triage

Our primary care triage system is being tested in a single GP surgery and we have a number of GP groups who are interested in receiving the service who are seeking funding. Though it is too early to release any data, we can say that what we have done so far has not led us to row back on our main claim for it.

By working directly with GPs, we can reduce referrals to local services by 50% and increase patient access to expert medical opinion and diagnosis for mental illness by 500% at 10% of the cost that local services could do such a thing – if anyone had a magic money tree to fund it.

Scarce resource, native language and culturally challenging services.

With our wide number of specialists we have a unique facility to place patients with regard to need; accessing language skills, special interests, rare specialisms and having a particular interest in culturally sensitive approaches to helping otherwise challenging sectors of society to reach.

For instance, we are keen to develop a nationwide, consultant led, multidisciplinary  perinatal service for Muslim women. We welcome discussions with any organisations that can see the potential for such an approach to managing mental illness in the community.

Adult ADHD services

With the growth in recognition of the effects of the ADHD in adulthood, existing specialist services are overwhelmed and areas without them are struggling to deal with the increasing demand.

We offer a fully tested, fast and very economic service with onward online multidisciplinary support, provided under our medical supervision.

We believe that our Adult ADHD diagnosis and titration service should definitely be funded by the NHS and we are encouraging our patients who are unable to access timely treatment to approach their GPs to ask them to sponsor an approach to their local ICB for NHS funding.

We have now had NHS funding agreed from some ICBs for our medically overseen multi-disciplinary approach to managing this chronic condition, when a suitable program is not available or accessible locally. We are informing our patients of their right to patient choice,  using their personal health budget, and we are providing support to NHS GPs who sponsor applications for such funding.

Read more about our ADHD service here