As you can see from our terms and conditions, Psychiatry-UK and our online consultation system is based in the UK, on a UK based server,  and we are subject to UK law so, though you could actually be somewhere else, any interaction with us is always legally considered to be taking place in the UK.

We are proud to have recently become what we believe to be the first provider of psychiatric medical consultations to patients located anywhere in the world. Until now, the traditional UK medical insurance providers have not allowed doctors based in one country to practice online, helping patients located in another country. Which meant that, despite being an NHS provider, providing online consultations to hundreds of patients, Psychiatry-UK could not give consultations to anyone located outside the UK.

With that insurance barrier removed, we can now provide psychiatric care from anywhere in the world and see patients from anywhere in the world. However, we take our medical responsibilities very seriously and our first concern is always our patients’ safety. We are not an emergency service – and we cannot be one, even in the UK. Here, we make sure that we have our patient’s GP details. Even if we don’t actually contact the GP we then know that we can reach someone locally if we really need to, but we can’t do that with patients outside the UK.

We believe we have a route to manage these issues, but until we have worked out the details, though we do carry this international medical indemnity, we have decided that we just can’t take the responsibility to see anyone outside the UK unless we have a contract with their employer.

If you run an international organisation, with employees who travel the world, you will probably be aware of the dangers that isolation and loneliness bring to those who are away from the support and help that they are used to. Giving your employees access to our service by having a contract with us can, literally save lives.

If you would like to discuss how this might be managed please fill in this enquiry form