Whilst medication helps most people to start to manage their ADHD, research suggests they are just the starting point for effective treatment. Most people with ADHD would benefit from receiving some specialist coaching as learning how to live your life best with your condition will make all the difference to how well you live your life.

ADHD is a lifetime condition – and it is very common for such preliminary work to result in an understanding of wider needs within the family – broader help is often sought to manage family relationships. If you are an adult and you have ADHD, it’s likely you will  be having other mental health issues. If you are depressed, or having problems with drugs and alcohol, or finding that your relationship is failing, you are likely to need help from an ADHD specialist to ensure effective treatment. There is no point in receiving a course of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) or undertaking a drug counselling course if the underlying issue of your ADHD isn’t at the centre of the treatment.

Adults with ADHD often underestimate the extent of their own ADHD-related impairments and are likely to under report their symptoms. We would always recommend that those who have a diagnosis of ADHD then receive some specialist coaching and we refer many of our patients on for specialist relationship counselling or coaching, both individual and group counselling and coaching with experienced and accredited professionals, working under our medical supervision, who can help you to manage some of the typical problems that are associated with ADHD. Even those who are uncomfortable with years on medication can learn to manage difficulties a bit better.

Funding of our ADHD Support Services

For the purposes of funding, it is important to recognise that ADHD is considered a disability and that you have the same rights as other people with disabilities. Some people are uncomfortable with the label, however, if it helps you to obtain funding for the treatment or workplace adjustments that you need, it does make it easier to accept!

In broad terms there are three potential routes to obtain funding and the good news is that funding should be available for most of the online therapy and coaching services that we offer if you have an ADHD diagnosis from us. To get funding will involve an exploration of what is available based on a formal assessment of your needs. Sadly, there is no conformity in the reporting requirements for the various funding routes: If you are in work, or if you have your own business or are seeking to set up your own business, funding could be via the Department of Industry and “Access to Work”. For students, there are some specific “Disabled Students Allowances”. The other way to get funding is through the NHS by applying to use your Personal Health Budget – though we have not yet managed to obtain funding through this.

We can help you by doing an assessment of your needs. This includes help in deciding which funding route is best suited to your position. There will be a charge, but this will provide you with a priced, bespoke, medically overseen, multidisciplinary approach to helping you to manage your ADHD online over the following 12 month period so that you can then apply, with our help and support, to get the funding that you are entitled to receive.

Supplying ADHD support services to Psychiatry-UK LLP

If you are an existing supplier of specialist coaching or therapy services for those with ADHD who would like to be considered for addition to the panel of online service providers to whom we refer our patients, please complete this form to arrange an appointment to discuss this with us.

ADHD patient feedback

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I have struggled with the behavioural effects of ADHD since childhood. If I sit down and look back at my life, the trail of destruction it has left is clear to see. Having tried non-drug options for many years including psychotherapy and self-help reading, I came to a point where I realised that there was a ‘higher power’ pulling the strings in my life – my brain. The more I tried in life, the more opportunities for failure I had and the more my self esteem, self-competency and sense of hope was ground down to dust. I have always been sceptical of the notion of ‘free will’ in humans. To contemplate the notion that I, or anyone else for that matter ‘chooses’ to harbour pathological emotions and engage in self-destructive behaviours is quite simply preposterous. Once I understood and accepted the deterministic powers of the human brain, I realised that I needed help in my life.

My G.P referred me to the ADHD clinic at the Maudsley hospital in london. However, I soon realised that the waiting list was 6 months. I’m a 34 years old single male, still living at home, in financial debt and without a clear purpose in my life. I had waited for my inner and outer life to ‘begin’ for long enough and I simply could not wait for another 6 months.

I found Psychiatry-UK online and decided to pay for a consultation with Dr [ ]. Firstly, the medical secretary was extremely helpful in first arranging my appointment with Dr [ ] and helping me to set up and test the video conferencing software.

Dr [ ] was very easy to talk to – sensitive, compassionate and a great listener. Having wrote an extensive description of my difficulties when booking my appointment, he quickly put my mind at ease by acknowledging that I had already done the hard work in the consultation and so It was easier for him to reach a conclusion. Nevertheless, we discussed other aspects of my life which I had not mentioned just to get a clearer picture. I also greatly appreciated his efforts to save me money on the cost of my prescription and the drug.

I am always anxious when it comes to talking to doctors but I found the whole experience with Dr [ ] to be very reassuring. The total cost of my initial consultation was £300 which quite frankly is a fraction of the financial debt I am in and pales in to insignificance when compared to the emotional pain I have experienced as a result of my condition. If the drug that Dr [ ] has prescribed me has the desired effect I think I would be happy to pay ten times as much!

I highly recommend Dr [ ] and Psychiatry-UK.