Due to continuing and ever-growing high demand for the titration service, we have made the decision to temporarily decline any and all requests for prioritisation/expedition, with effect from Monday 17th October 2022. This is because such requests impact on all of our patients who are waiting to receive our service. Many patients must wait longer than we are happy with because we have a high number of patients being expedited. 

Our decision ensures our team focus on the important job of providing care to all our patients and continue to work hard on continuing to grow the titration team capacity and allow us to see all patients within a shorter timescale. All of our patients’ needs are important and we remain committed to offering a good quality, timely service which remains quicker to access than many UK ADHD services. We regularly update our waiting times on this website. 

This page was last updated on: 23/12/2022

Our current wait time for Adult ADHD is approximately 6 months* between initial assessment and the start of titration.

Our current wait time for Child & Adolescent ADHD is approximately 3 weeks between initial assessment and the start of titration.

We have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of people seeking treatment for ADHD under their NHS Right to Choose and we receive approximately 150 referrals a day. Due to the popularity of this service we have had to introduce a waiting list for Adult ADHD assessments, which we are working hard to reduce.

Furthermore, if you subsequently receive a diagnosis of ADHD, there will be a delay between your initial assessment and for your titration to start along with your first prescription for medication.

A note about our fees

Since our fees are the same for our NHS contracts and for private patients waiting times are the same for private and NHS patients. England residents can potentially access NHS funding via their Right to Choose

We continue to actively recruit prescribers and over the past 12 months, the prescribing team has gone from 10 to 60 staff, reducing the wait time for treatment by 50%. Our prescribers are working as hard as they can to meet your titration/prescription needs – please bear with them.

*If your clinician has ordered further medical investigations, such as an ECG or bloods, the wait can be longer.