GMC Number: 6106849

Clinical lecturer Faculty of psychiatry University of Alberta Canada.

After core psychiatry training in Ireland .I did my specialist training in UK and worked as Substantive consultant in Geriatric psychiatry for 6 years. I moved to Canada and Currently working in community psychiatry.

My speciality interests include:

  • ADHD
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea
  • PTSD
  • Biploar Affective disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Substance use disorders
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders

I have broad international experience including current North American experience in psychiatry .

I actively participate in continuous professional activities in psychiatry in North America .

Dedicated and passionate professional with 26+ years of experience in Psychiatry, focused on adult and geriatric populations. Completes all consultation, assessment, and diagnosis processes with patients and families, allowing for the development of comprehensive treatment plans and accurate medication prescription. Collaborates with psychiatric and medical colleagues to analyze patient development and determine best practices in clinic and ward management. Creates and delivers relevant academic lectures on industry developments to medical professionals.

  • Adult & Geriatric Psychiatry
  • Patient Assessment
  • Diagnosis & Treatment Plans


  • Lecture Development & Presentation
  • Team & Ward Management
  • Community Resources & Referrals


  • Prescriptions & Medication
  • Family & Patient Liaison
  • Program Development
  • Implemented new approach to patient diagnosis and treatment, based on international and academic experience, allowing for more consistent patient success and satisfaction (as Consultant Psychiatrist)
  • Supported research and data analysis of local demographics, resulting in the establishment of new day hospital service for elderly people with dementia (as Acting Consultant, Geriatric Psychiatry)
  • Develops and hosts numerous lectures, specializing in geriatric needs and multi-culturalism in psychiatry

Patient Consultation: Examines patient clinical history, medical history, substance abuse, personal history, and current situation to determine coping mechanisms in place during individual patient or group family consultations. Establishes understanding of existing support system to complete initial assessment of patient.

Psychiatric Assessment: Investigates all components of patient history and current mental state to analyze trends, issues, and concerns through popular assessment rating scales related to mental health and disability.

Diagnosis & Treatment Plan: Develops diagnosis through personal analysis and referral assessments, when required, and implements biopsychosocial approach to recommend medication, cognitive behaviour therapy, and addiction services. Provides custom treatment plans while respecting patient autonomy and requests.

Prescription & External Testing: Produces prescriptions for medication, treatment, and referral, ensuring timely patient treatment and resource provision. Initiates lab investigations by sending patients for blood testing and assess results to support or rectify initial assessment.

Community Referral & Liaison: Directs patients to external counsellors, addiction services, and community resources, maintaining their understanding of existing support systems and opportunities. Communicates with various external organizations and individuals to establish wide-ranging network of patient supports.

Patient & Family Follow-Up: Determines appointment schedules according to severity of case, with crisis patient visits weekly and stable patient visits bi- or tri-monthly. Discusses developments and changes to patient life since beginning treatment, creating new treatment plans or prescribing new medication as needed.

Complex Case Management: Supports patients with multiple diagnoses incorporating mental health, substance abuse, and social depressors, completing complex case management and analysis. Accounts for all contributing factors to develop specialized treatment plans, addressing all issues, for efficient patient care.

Form Completion & Submittal: Utilizes rating scales to develop documentation and forms related to patient files for insurance, disability, medical, and employment review and acceptance. Implements patient information to existing templates for timely form completion and submittal.

Ward Management: Triages according to priority, maintaining that dire-need patients receive treatment first to prevent or reduce injury. Delegates emergencies and processes to crisis response teams to admit patients to wards.

Teaching & Lectures: Leads lectures for psychiatrists, medical doctors, nurses, medical students, and social workers, adapting content to ensure understanding across professional fields. Leverages following of discoveries and trends to create and present topical subjects during lectures with focus on audience engagement.

Medical Staff & Physician Liaison: Receives patients through family physician referral and upholds frequent communication with physician throughout assessment and treatment. Liaises with numerous medical professionals in clinic and hospital environments, allowing for external analysis of patient cases.

Team Management & Support: Leads teams of psychiatric professionals through scheduling, triage, and patient intake processes. Facilitates weekly operations meetings to determine action plans and decisions for wards.

External Patient Assessment: Completes in-home visits, assessments, and support to patients using digital RIO software to collect and organize data. Travelled to residences and assisted living facilities, when required, ensuring high level of treatment and care for patients living outside of hospitals and wards.