NMC Number: 05F0108E

Qualifications: BSc (Hon) in mental health nursing, Graduate Certificate NMP.

Adeola Banjo is a registered clinical nurse, specialised in Adult ADHD, working with one of the National Health Service (NHS) in London, for almost 20yrs.  She is a member of Royal College of Nursing, graduated from university of Greenwich with a degree in psychiatry nursing and later at London South Bank University with a graduate certificate in Independent Nurse Prescribing.

Her background is psychiatry nursing with excellent experience in working with multi-disciplinary colleagues within the adult in-patient psychiatry units and the community psychiatry team.  She has a very good knowledge of mental state assessment and clinical management of care, tailored to individual specific needs, by acknowledging the possibility of comorbidity of other diagnosis, which could be physical, mental or psychological.

As an independent nurse prescriber, she has good clinical experience of working in collaboration with consultant psychiatrists, by monitoring the titration of medication and provides clinical support to service users to aid compliance and adherence to their prescribed treatment in order to achieve the therapeutic effectiveness.