GMC Number: 6162291

Qualifications: BMBS Hons, BMedSci Hons, MRCGP, Adv Dip PCMH.

Dan Berkeley is an NHS GP with a special interest in mental health. He has a particular interest in the treatment and assessment of mental health disorders – especially where physical health problems are also occurring or co-existing with a mental health problem.

Dan lives in Cumbria near the Lake District and when he is not working he enjoys road and off-road cycling, weight lifting, playing drums, listening to extreme metal music, brewing beer and playing strategic board games.

Dan started his training with a five year degree at The University of Nottingham where he graduated from in 2007 with an honours degree. Having practiced as a junior doctor for a few years he couldn’t decide whether to become a GP or a psychiatrist. In the end he trained for and became a GP in 2013, which means he has expertise in the diagnosis and management of physical health conditions as well as common mental health problems. But has always kept a special interest in psychiatry and done significant extra training and study in this field. He holds the advanced diploma in primary care mental health which he achieved with honours and continues to be approved as a clinician under section 12 of the mental health act.

Dan is interested in all areas of psychiatry and always seeks to listen to and understand the stories and problems of others.