GPhC Number: 96C1072E

Qualifications: RNMH, NMP, BSc Hons.

As a highly experienced Mental Health practitioner with over twenty five years of experience, I have worked in many departments within mental health and the acute trust, including Psychiatric Intensive Care, Acute mental health wards, Community Mental Health teams, Crisis Home Treatment Teams and Liaison Psychiatry. I have excellent assessment and care formulation skills which I have developed through practice and with further education; I acquired a BSc (Hons) in Psychosocial Interventions. I also undertook a psychopharmacology module and am a qualified Independent Non-Medical Prescriber.

I am highly experienced in leading complex teams, both clinically and managerially. I have led a team in challenging and supporting decisions where risks are seen as high and outcomes, poor, and transformed their thinking and approach.

I was a lead practitioner within the Home Treatment Team and managed Liaison Psychiatry and Dementia teams within the acute trust. I have lots of experience of operating in a professional autonomous and risk based decision-making environment. During my time within Liaison Psychiatry and Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Teams both teams were awarded accreditation from Royal College of Psychiatrists PLAN Psychiatric Liaison Accreditation Scheme and The Home Treatment Accreditation Scheme (HTAS) which aim to work with teams to assure and improve the quality of services for people with acute mental illness and their carers. I have been involved in numerous Care Quality Commission reviews during my career.

Good effective communication is essential within these roles especially when sharing sensitive or contentious information. This can be within high expressed emotion environments when individuals are not ready to accept such information. I am skilled in such situations and feel able to develop appropriate rapport, showing empathy and understanding.

I have a good working knowledge of the Mental Health and Mental Capacity Acts and their application. I have excellent knowledge of mental illness and neurological

As a commissioner I have been involved in reviewing care packages within Continuing Health Care and mental health complex care teams. This has involved moving people from long term inappropriate placements to bespoke invidualised care packages with realistic, achievable and measurable outcomes. My current role also involves the review and redesign of services. I have also reviewed and made many instrumental changes to the rehabilitation services provided by both NHS and the independent sector, resulting in both financial savings and improved outcomes for service users and staff.

I have completed a significant number of care package reviews for individuals who are currently out of area or are longer-term patients with complex needs, which have formed the start of a comprehensive and regular review of care packages. The purpose of the reviews has been to: ensure individuals are safe and the package of care is correct.

The outcomes of the reviews have led to a thematic review to determine how services in the future can be delivered differently to support people with complex mental health needs, working in an integrated way with the local authority. I have experience of using complex data and information across multiple systems and understanding and working to current legislation.

I have recently been a National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) committee member for the development of national guidance for the ‘Rehabilitation in adults with complex psychosis and related severe mental health conditions’. The purpose of this is to develop evidence-based national guidance and advice to improve health and social care in England.

I am very familiar with the elements of the commissioning cycle eg identifying need, developing specifications and reviewing performance and as a provider I have worked with commissioners on all parts of it eg jointly developing specifications for street triage , liaison psychiatry etc. As already described, I’m experienced and confident in working at all levels – with partners from statutory and voluntary agencies and with service users & carers, through to consultants.

I am currently employed in an NHS, ADHD service as clinical nurse specialist. My role involves assessing and diagnosing ADHD in adults, as well as reviewing individuals being transitioned from children’s services. Following diagnosis, I will initiate medication and follow up individuals until optimised. I also complete annual reviews and implement shared care agreements with GPs.