September was Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, and the P-UK team came up with some creative ideas to raise both awareness and money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Fuelled by team spirit, caffeine, snacks, and the occasional nap, 11 of P-UK’s employees joined forces by organising and taking part in a 24hr Readathon fundraiser.

In the weeks before, our readers were excitedly planning which books to read, which snacks to buy, when to get some sleep, and what genres of books would keep them awake.

From 6pm on Friday 22nd September to 6pm on Saturday 23rd September, our readers stayed awake as long as they could manage, to read as much as possible, within the 24hr period.

24hrs later, our team had read a combined total of 20 books, amounting to 6080 pages of thrillers, romance, graphic novels, and biographies.

So far, our team have raised more than £200 for the Alzheimer’s Society, with donations from colleagues still coming in. Not only do Alzheimer’s Society provide support to the 900,000 people in the UK who live with dementia, but they also help to support life-changing research. 

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, and if you’re worried about your own, or a loved one’s memory, it is important to seek an early diagnosis.

Early diagnosis is important because:  

  • It helps you to better understand yourself and what to expect 
  • It enables early access to information, resources and support 
  • Treatments can be more effective when started earlier 
  • It gives you the opportunity to have more involvement in your care and future planning 
  • It allows you to focus time on what’s important to you
  •  Family and carers can learn how to better understand and support you.   

The Memory Assessment Team at Psychiatry-UK provides a range of services, from diagnosis to a range of treatment interventions and post-diagnostic support. Our team includes consultant psychiatrists, specialist memory nurses, specialist psychologists, occupational therapists and a dedicated administrative team. 

What can you expect from our Dementia service?  

  • An initial screening appointment with one of our specialist memory nurses 
  • An assessment and a consultation on treatment  
  • Personalised care plan 
  • Post-diagnosis support and follow-up 

If any investigations are recommended following your initial screening, such as blood or urine tests or a CT/MRI brain scan, we can arrange these on your behalf. All other stages of the process can be accessed from the comfort of your own home, via our secure video portal. 

How to book a Memory Assessment  

There are three ways you can get in touch with us: 

For more information, visit our website